Report: Adam Sandler to star in thriller…

Look like Adam Sandler is getting tired of doing comedies all the time that he wants to try different genres. In Adam Sandler’s next announced film, he decides to take a break from comedies again to do a thriller titled, “Shortcut”. Adam Sandler plays a man who goes on a “shortcut” with his brother and then they discover why the shortcut is barely used in their town.

Andrew Seeley, Shannon Woodward, and Dave Franco will also star alongside Adam Sandler. The script is co-written by Adam Sandler’s real life brother, Scott Sandler who is also the owner of the Scary Madison film company.

Production is scheduled to film next month, so this will indeed be Adam Sandler’s next movie after “You Don’t Mess with The Zohan” which is in theaters now.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

It must be boring doing comedies all the time, so I can’t blame Adam Sandler for trying different things. Adam had tried other movies besides comedy in the past, movies like “Punch Drunk Love”, “Spanglish”, and “Reign Over Me”, they aren’t comedy films.

“Shortcut” sounds interesting, hope it’ll be good.



0 thoughts on “Report: Adam Sandler to star in thriller…”

  1. Adam Sandler is classic, though he tends to do better when he doesn’t stray from his main expertise, which is casual, unassuming comedy

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