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BREAKING NEWS: Alice Cooper, Neil Diamond, Dr. John, Darlene Love, and Tom Waits make the Hall of Fame but Bon Jovi didn’t!!!

Well, the inductees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been revealed for 2011. The inductees for this year will be: Alice Cooper, Neil Diamond, Dr. John, Darlene Love, and Tom Waits. You would think that Bon Jovi would have made it in, no matter what, but you thought wrong. I even thought Bon Jovi was going to get it, but surprisingly he didn’t. I’m willing to bet all the Bon Jovi fans are pissed off and upset. I think Bon Jovi is overrated. His music doesn’t interest me, so I’m glad he didn’t get inducted this year. If Bon Jovi did, he would have overshadowed this year’s inductees.

This year is going to be an interesting jam session. Alice, Neil, Dr. John, Darlene and Tom will all jam together at the end of the show? Probably. This year is a decent year for the Hall of Fame. I like this year’s selections, definitely MUCH better than last year. Finally! A year with true rock n’ roll!

The Associated Press, reports.

Bon Jovi will probably get it in 2012.


Thought: My predicitons for this year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees…

So the nominees for this year’s Hall of Fame has been revealed.

Who do I predict will get inducted? The Hall of Fame usually induct 5 artists each year. So for my prediction on this year’s inductees…

I definitely think Bon Jovi will get inducted no matter what happens. He will probably get the most votes out of everybody. Alice Cooper would get it, no matter what happens. Neil Diamond for sure. As for the last two, I think the J. Geils Band will definitely get in, and possibly Donna Summer. If not Donna Summer, then it will either be Tom Waits or Dr. John.

Honestly though, I think Alice Cooper deserves it more than anybody in the nominees list, simply put, because Alice is true rock n’ roll. Most everyone on this list are pop acts, but Alice is strictly rock. Alice is the fucking man! Always dug his music!


Cool Video: Neil Diamond covers Adam Sandler’s “The Chanukah Song”…

Pop music legend, Neil Diamond, does something different for the Holidays. He came out with a shocker by covering Adam Sandler’s hit Christmas song, “The Chanukah Song”, the song that made Adam well known as a comedy musician.

Hear Neil sing Adam’s “The Chanukah Song” below, and I’ll post Adam’s version of the song.

Sorry Neil, he did an entertaining job at it, but Adam sings it way better. I’m sure Adam is thrilled that a huge legend covered his song though.


BREAKING NEWS: Neil Diamond coming to Albany in August…

Legendary singer Neil Diamond is releasing a new album titled “Home Before Dark” April 29th, the same day that Madonna’s “Hard Candy” will be released. Talk about a competition in the Billboard. Neil Diamond announced a 37 city North American tour and he will make a stop at the Times Union Center in Albany, N.Y. August 20th.

From NeilDiamond.com:

I’m not much of a fan but I thought I’d report this.