Obama writes a bunch of insane tweets on criminal justice reform, my response…

Look like Obama wants to divide the prison system. Give blacks less harsher punishment while the white prisoners suffer more.

Anyway, these tweets are crazy and comedic at the same time. I’m almost positive most of what he said are all lies too like usual. Like for example when Obama wrote this, “In 1980, there were 500,000 people in American jails. Today, there are 2.2 million. Many belong. But too many are nonviolent offenders.”

Um, wrong.

In 1980, prisons weren’t that high in population as Obama claimed… Since 1980 to 2012 there were only about 25,000 to 219,000. Technically, that’s not much at all.

Source: http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2013/02/07/1552751/federal-prison-population-spiked-790-percent-since-1980/

Sure, a lot of prisons are over capacity and way overcrowded but I think releasing prisoners as a way to keep them less crowded is a bit silly, in my opinion. They’re incarcerated for a pretty good reason. Jailed people never learn. Even being in prison wouldn’t teach them anything. Once they’re released, chances are they are gonna do something dumb and they’ll be back in prison later on. It usually happens all the time. People don’t change. If prisoners just get released just to keep the population low, they could do more harm and hurt more people in communities. That is something our kids shouldn’t go through.

That’s the thing with Obummer when he makes an opinion, an “opinion”, he always states it like a “fact” and act like it’s true. Obummer is trying to imply that non-violent criminals are “good” people and deserves a second chance. Really? It doesn’t matter what crime you committed whether violent or not… if you commit a crime, you deserve prison or jail. Whether it’s non-violent crimes such as larceny, theft, drugs, alcohol, etc. You shouldn’t get a free pass if you commit a non-violent crime… you’re still a criminal either way. I disagree that drugs or alcohol related crime are considered “non-violent” ’cause drugs and alcohol can kill and hurt other people like DWI/DUI for one. Drugs and alcohol have killed other people.

Obummer full of shit like usual. Like I said if they release these prisoners, they’re gonna do more damage and hurt to communities… commit more crime, they never learn. This is what I think Obummer wants. He’s invited illegal immigrants into the US to commit crime and do damage to America and now he wants to do even more damage by releasing prisoners. Just more attempts at destroying America. Get more Democratic votes and all that stuff.

Anyway, if Obummer is feeling sympathetic for these non-violent prisoners… why won’t he release those 4 Americans locked up in Iran? Why won’t he show sympathy for Kate Steinle who was murdered by a Mexican illegal for no reason? If Obama is capable of sending letters to prisoners, why won’t he send a letter or give a phone call to Kate’s family? Why does Obama keep Gitmo opened when he promised he’ll close Gitmo many times? Yet Obummer continues to release terrorists from Gitmo to this day.

Obummer is such a piece of garbage like usual. Nothing to see here.


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