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Ben Netanyahu’s speech almost brought tears to my eyes, it was a beautiful speech!!!

Now that is how you deliver a real political speech! Thank you, Bibi! That speech was very powerful, moving, and heart-warming all at the same time. Admittedly, this speech almost brought to tears to my eyes.

As I expected, Netanyahu had nothing but love for the USA. He even has nothing against Obama. Bibi praised Obama in the beginning of the speech, showed love for Obama too and later totally schooled him over this “Israel vs. Iran” conflict. What’s most important about this speech was that Bibi really shows how much he cares for both Israel and the United States. This speech was about Netanyahu being totally against Obama’s views on foreign policy and gave us warnings that Iran’s nuclear deal is no joke and tries to tell us that Iran is very dangerous. Best of all, Netanyahu wasn’t afraid to call Muslims terrorists. Now I can understand why Obama himself didn’t want anything to do with Bibi.

Netanyahu is a real political  leader who really cared for his home country and the USA. His speech was positive and very strong unlike Obama who would do nothing but whine, cry, be confrontational and blame others. Obama’s speeches are almost always full of negativity and all he does spew out bullshit. Netanyahu did nothing but show us love and was honest throughout his whole speech.

Yeah, liberals are gonna typically defend Obama’s reasoning for not wanting to meet with Bibi or attend his speech. Yeah, they will typically make claims and a bunch of lies that Boehner needed to get Democrats or The White House’s permission to get Bibi there but whether their claims are true or not which probably isn’t, Bibi deserved to talk. I’m sure Boehner had every right to allow Bibi to talk to Congress ’cause I’m sure it’s not against the Constitution. Plus, it’s under the 1st Amendment rights so Boehner had every right to have him there. I never liked Boehner before but now I do since he had the balls to get after Obama like this. I’ll have a change of heart with Speaker Boehner now.

I think the reason Obama himself didn’t want to meet with Bibi or attend his speech is simply because Obama is a fucking coward. Nothing more, nothing less, y’all. I know people will find this offensive but I don’t give a shit. Obama is a coward and doesn’t have a thick skin at all. He just didn’t want to hear the truth. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama took off golfing with his gay buddies instead.

After that speech, I have so much respect for Bibi. God bless Israel. So Black Lives Matter, hey? Well so does everyone else’s and that includes Israel’s lives. All those liberals saying hateful and disrespectful things about Israel and Netanyahu is disgusting. Those who side with Iran ’cause Obama side’s with them are all traitors as well.

Rudy Giuliani was right all along. Obama hates America and is a traitor. Obama refusing to attend Netanyahu’s speech or refusing to meet with him is just proof of that. Obama really needs to get impeached over this whole “Israel vs. Iran” conflict. Obama really wants Iran to get that nuclear deal made ’cause he’s hoping Iran would wipe Israel off the globe. Obama doesn’t support Israel ’cause he hates Jews. It’s just as simple as that.

Wake up, America! Obama is a dangerous and evil man!


Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets. Sure enough, we don’t see this report all over the mainstream news…

Israel news is reporting that Barack Obama thwarted an Israeli military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities by threatening to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran. This happened last year in 2014.

Ben Netanyahu was forced to abort the planned Iran attack ’cause of Obama’s threat. Read the full story here:


I know those delusional libtards are gonna side with Obama on this and defend him no matter the situation but Netanyahu HAS EVERY RIGHT to attack their nuclear facilities. Israel has every right to defend themselves and this is what they were doing. That’s why Netanyahu was gonna send those jets over to attack them. Israel was defending themselves and they have every right to.

This should be further proof that Obama hates Netanyahu and Israel. It proves even more that Obama hates Netanyahu since Obama won’t meet with him since Netanyahu is coming over here this week to speak to Congress.

You’re never gonna see this report all over NBC, CNN, CBS, the Washington Post, NYTimes, etc. Obama will get no punishment for this ’cause liberal media is gonna let him get away with it just like they let him get away with all the other crimes he committed: Benghazi, Operation F&F, the IRS Scandals, NSA, illegal prisoner swaps, gun running operations, murders of innocent people, etc.

I’m looking forward to Netanyahu’s speech this week ’cause I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say and it’s gonna be an interesting speech.

I stand with Bibi and Israel! If you side with Iran, you are a traitor. Period.


Speaker Boehner will get my respect for this one time, he actually did a good thing for once!!!

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the Netanyahu speech and can’t wait to hear it! I’m sure Netanyahu will have a lot to say about Iran, radical Islam, Obama, terrorism, and I’m sure Netanyahu will have a lot of good things to say about us Americans.

Of course, Obama is not liking Netanyahu coming to Washington and Obummer is gonna do whatever it takes to stop him. Netanyahu should be protected with bodyguards ’cause Obummer is a very dangerous man and you never know what Obummer has planned for Netanyahu. Netanyahu’s life could be in danger.

I’m sure Netanyahu will make the speech safely. Obummer is such a coward, can’t you see that?

The speech is scheduled in March and Congress will probably stream it live on the web. I’m probably gonna watch it too. I hope Netanyahu destroys Obama. Obama deserved this and he had it coming. Speaker Boehner will get my respect just for this one time but I still don’t trust him, though. This was pretty ballsy for Boehner to do.