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Rudy Giuliani nails it again… “Beyonce’s Superbowl performance was an attack on police officers”…

I had a feeling that the Superbowl Halftime show was going to be used to promote either “Black Lives Matter” or “gay rights” but it turned out to be a little bit of both.

What does it mean when Beyonce and her dancers form an arrow pointing down? What about the X symbol? Is she sending a message to police officers?


Can’t stand Beyonce. So sick of her!



So the left attacks Rudy Giuliani for calling Obama a traitor, yet they call Tom Cotton the same thing for threatening Iran??? Yeah okay…

Keep up with your HYPOCRISY, you dumbass libtards. Liberals never cease to amaze me. Like I said in the previous post, libtards giving all their power to protect Obama no matter the situation. Each time Obama is called out, be on the lookout for a liberal backlash.

Senator Tom Cotton along with 47 Republican senators sent out this letter to Iran threatening them and Obama over the nuclear deal.

Now libtards are calling Tom Cotton a traitor. Coming from the same idiots who cried about Rudy calling Obama the same thing.

I think I’ve proving my point that the left are pretty hateful toward the right and liberals are pretty one-sided people.

Tom Cotton and those 47 Republicans are heroes. Real patriots who believe in the country and actually DID something about the Obama/Iran nuclear deal.

Liberals really are a bunch of losers. Makes you wonder why I want nothing to do with them and why I made the decision that they are not allowed to post on my site. Liberalism is a mental disorder.


Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “God Damn, America” speech…

Here’s Obama’s pastor. This whole speech is anti-American all the way. This is the guy who taught Obama how to hate America. This is what Rudy Giuliani was talking about, people. Obama surrounded himself with anti-American people for years.

Posting this for research material for my upcoming video blog.


With everything that’s going on with Rudy Giuliani, now you know exactly why the GOP in Congress are silent about Obama…

So a Republican politician is finally being real about Barack. So look what happens? Predictably a liberal backlash. Liberals are predictably attacking Rudy like mad. Calling him a racist and all kinds of names. Now the liberal media is trying their best to make him look bad. All because he told the truth and being honest about Barack Obama. If you’re a Republican/Conservative yourself and if you side with Rudy, liberals will give you a bunch of shit too.

Why is it that we aren’t allowed to be realistic about Barack Obama when we should be able to? Each time someone wants to tell the truth and be realistic about this traitor in chief someone will come in for his defense and will give you a bunch of bullshit.

Now you know exactly why the GOP in Congress are not aggressive enough against Barack ’cause if they were, it would put their political careers in danger like the stuff that’s going on with Rudy. Sarah Palin went through the same bullshit when she finally said it’s time to impeach him.

I hope Rudy doesn’t cave in and doesn’t apologize to anyone. He should keep telling the truth about Barack and he should keep fighting like a real patriot.

It really pisses me off that when someone decides to be honest about Barack, they are immediately called a troublemaker, bigot or a racist.

When will people who call out Barack Obama be looked as heroes instead of bad guys? We don’t call out Barack’s bullshit to start trouble, we are patriots who care for our country. When will people get that? Anyhow, who cares if libtards get upset, though. It means we’re saying the right things and they just don’t like hearing it.

I’m never gonna cave-in and apologize for my Obama bashing and liberal hating. I know this stuff will get me into some trouble but I don’t give a shit. I have no regrets. On top of that, I enjoy pissing people off with my politics and it’s part of why I do this for. I’m not afraid of the truth at all and will do anything to tell it. No matter the consequences.