Ann Coulter driving both conservatives & liberals crazy over one tweet… WOW!!!

There was nothing anti-semitic about her tweet at all. If you can comprehend what she’s trying to say there… she’s calling out the GOP candidates for using Israel as a way to get more votes, more donors, attract more support aka “pandering”. Which is something that politicians usually do.

Since they talk about Israel so much, you have to wonder what’s in their mind, how many jewish people there are in the United States? They think they know so much about Israel, just how much Jewish people are here if they think they’re so smart?

She was referring to the GOP candidates who mentioned Israel in their response of what their presidency would be like if they were elected.

The last question of last night’s debate was, “What is their vision of America if they were elected president of United States?”. A few of them brought up Israel instead of the US. Since Israel is a Jewish country and Israel had nothing to do with that question. It was about the United States but they had to bring Israel into it when Israel had nothing to do with the question. So since Israel was brought up, you have to wonder, how many Jews do they think there are in the United States was her point that she was trying to bring up.

Yeah, she may have used the F word but she didn’t use it in full and she censored it. She used the F word, so what? It’s not like you haven’t heard the F word before. You heard that word all the time in movies, TV shows, music and you hear people say that word 50 times a day your life so who cares? Even I say the F word a lot. BIG FUCKING DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m glad I don’t call myself a conservative anymore. See? They’re becoming just as intolerant. Ann did nothing wrong here. Move along people.


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