Marco Rubio calls out the corruption of Obama presidency, conservatives still wanna bash him? Really???

Marco Rubio is the only GOP candidate who has the balls to say that Obama is purposely trying to destroy America and Obama knows exactly what he’s doing. All of it. Rubio is the only candidate so far who has the balls to call out the corruption of Obama… yet all those conservatives still want to bash Rubio. Really?

Ya know, I’ve always said it on these blogs. I’ll give respect to anyone who is real about the Obama presidency. Even conservatives seems to be getting mad at those who are real about Obama. These people aren’t real conservatives as they claim they are.

Rubio trying to say that Obama is the enemy of America but no one will listen to him. Ask yourself this, are those “conservatives” really against Obama? No. It appears not. Keep going Marco, keep exposing those fake conservatives. If Marco keeps saying that Obama is purposefully destroying America then maybe I’ll start supporting him instead of Trump… not sure yet, though but I do like Rubio. Rubio is pissing a lot of people off by saying Obama is purposefully destroying America… not just liberals, he’s pissing off conservatives too.

If Rubio keeps being real about the Obama presidency, then Rubio could end up being the star in this election so I hope he keeps it going and doesn’t mess it up.

I’m glad I’m not alone on this. Thanks Wayne Root!


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