Why Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson would be the best team up for the White House…

Who will Donald Trump pick as vice president running mate when Trump is victorious for the nomination? My prediction is that I think Trump is gonna pick Dr. Ben Carson as his running mate. Why? Well, Trump and Ben Carson has a few things in common with each other.

1) Trump and Dr. Carson aren’t career politicians. These are the kind of leaders we need to run the country.

2) They both are against the media and both are against “political correctness”.

In case you haven’t noticed, Trump and Dr. Carson has been pretty friendly with each other throughout this election and there is something going on with these two. Trump always had Dr. Carson’s back and always defended Dr. Carson when he was in trouble.

So if Dr. Carson loses the nomination, I think Trump will choose him as his running mate. I’ve been paying attention to Ben Carson for years so I always knew there was something special about that guy. Trump and Carson may have feuded a little bit over the “attempted murder” controversy but I think they’re over it now.

I think Trump & Carson would be a great team up.


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