Unfortunately, there are still people who doesn’t think Barack Obama is destroying America…

The major problem that this country is having is a lot of people are still very “one-sided”. Many stay on the left and many stay on the right. I’m no longer on either side ’cause as you know for a long while now I’ve been talking trash at both sides. The way politics is going right now makes me want to stay neutral. I don’t think I’m either right or left at all as I vow to be realistic on both sides which is what I have been doing for a long while.

Sadly there are still way too many stupid and braindead idiots who don’t believe that Barack Obama is destroying America. Which is no surprise really ’cause many of them are Bernie Sanders fans and some are even Hillary fans… yeah so go figure on how they are stupid and braindead. The reason some still don’t believe that Obama is the enemy of America is ’cause liberal media aren’t doing their jobs. The media is only on one side. Most of the time the media makes Barack Obama look good and the liberal left will only believe what the media tells them. They can’t see that Barack Obama is the enemy of America is ’cause the media refuses to be realistic about the Barack Obama presidency. The media ignores most of Obama’s government crimes. They ignore most of his scandals and they ignore most of the stuff about his past life. Instead of being realistic about the corruption of Barack Obama, they make him look good most of the time. The media likes to make lies about how Obama is doing good things for America like all of his gay rights stuff, Climate Change and making lies about how Obama has improved the economy. This is why some in America still hasn’t woken up about Obama ’cause of the dishonest media.

You see all of the mainstream media outlets… all the big ones: NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, etc. Also, all the online newspapers like the Washington Post, the NY Times, etc. blah blah blah… they are all lapdogs for Obama. I’m almost pretty sure they’re all being paid lots of our tax money by the Obama admin. to make him look good. This is exactly how Obama is getting away with his crimes and his corruption. He’s getting away with it all by using the media to protect him.

As you can see, with the popularity of Donald Trump… we’re not falling for the media’s bullshit. We know what’s really going on in America and we know the media isn’t being honest about things. That’s what the Trump candidacy is all about, y’all. It’s about fighting back at the dishonest media.

If you think there is nothing wrong with Obama then chances are, you are pretty much a Bernie Sanders fan or a Hillary fan. If you support them, it really does show a lot of who those liberals really are… dumb, uneducated and braindead. They don’t know anything about politics at all and I’ll always stand by it.

It’s such a shame that I continue to get treated like shit and get bullied by libtards only because I care for America and care for everyone. All we want is for you to wake up and look at reality.


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