Actually, HBO NOW app is kind of crap…

During the HBO NOW app 1 month free trial, I have been having streaming problems with it. When I was watching “The Sopranos – Season 2” on it on the Ipad, there was constant choppy video playback and sometimes crashing (aka kickin’ me out of the app for no reason). Then all of a sudden, I was able to stream Seasons 2, 3, 4 and most of 5 with no issues and no interruptions. Toward the end of Season 5, I started to have choppy playback and crashing issues again. It keeps happening to me everytime I start to stream something on HBO NOW.

I do some google research and see I’m not alone. A lot of other people have been having streaming issues on HBO NOW. HBO wants to blame your end but in reality, it’s actually HBO’S END. They’re the problem. There’s nothing wrong on my end ’cause I tested out the streaming on Netflix on my Ipad and the streaming is perfectly fine in Netflix. Streaming is fine on youtube as well so it’s definitely HBO all the way.

Yeah, I know HBO NOW is a brand new thing and there’s gonna be a lot of issues but I don’t wanna keep the service if it’s gonna keep having problems. So I just deleted the app and unsubscribed from HBO NOW. $14.99 pr. month is admittedly kind of pricey so I don’t really need to keep it. I was hoping to watch all of “The Sopranos” while the 1 month free trial was on.

That’s okay, though. No big deal. I watched most of “The Sopranos” on that HBO NOW thing. Watched Seasons 1 – 5 and was just starting Season 6 today but was having all kinds of streaming problems so yeah, I give up on HBO NOW.

Don’t worry, though. I have other ways to watch the rest of the Sopranos. I can always download the series from Itunes movies or I can just collect the rest of the DVD sets from online — either that or I could bite the bullet and buy the Sopranos Complete Blu Ray boxset in the future.

I can get the BluRay set for the show for $160. I could start saving up for that sometime in the future.

So yeah, fuck HBO NOW. I just thought I would try out for the free 1 month trial. It was fun while it lasted though.

If HBO doesn’t fix the streaming problems for HBO NOW, they’re gonna get a lot of angry customers. How can you release a streaming service when you can’t watch it? They will always try to find shady ways to make money. They don’t care about you.


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