The Rolling Stones song, “Thru and Thru” from “The Sopranos”…

So I just finished watching “The Sopranos – Season 2” earlier today and toward the end of Season 2 finale, they were playing this really incredible song that blew my mind. I never heard the song before so I looked it up online and the song was written by the Rolling Stones. I’m like, really? The singer didn’t sound like Mick Jagger at all. Then I realized it was Keith Richards singing the lead vocals in the tune. Sometimes Keith Richards does sing the lead vocals on some Stones songs. It is a beautiful song even though I’m not much of a Stones fan. This song “Thru and Thru” came from the “Voodoo Lounge” album. I’m actually thinking about getting that album for this song.

Before anyone accuses me of watching TV all day… I don’t. I usually watch TV at night but for “The Sopranos” I have been watching during the day though. I was just getting back in from a long walk to the gym to do my workout and walk back home so I’m not a lazy person at all if that’s what you’re thinking.

“The Sopranos” is such an epic show. I think it’s my favorite show in the history of TV. Really… I thank HBO for giving us the opportunity to watch their shows without having to pay for cable. What HBO did was pretty amazing despite their subscription price being a bit pricey. I’ll have no problem paying 14.99 a month, it’s no big deal to me.

Back to this song, I think it’s an amazing tune and might get the Voodoo Lounge album. “The Sopranos” do have the best soundtrack in TV history, in my opinion. Their song selections is good.


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