Did Barack Obama just come out of the closet???

Obama here arrives in Jamaica… stepping off of Air Force One it looks like. When he steps at the top of the airstair, it seems like the photographer was intentionally waiting for him to wave under the rainbow.

And it’s pretty odd that the White House would copy and paste Obama’s quote here:

“What gives me so much hope about your generation is that you’re more interested in the hard work of waging peace than resorting to the quick impulses of conflict. You’re more interested in the hard work of building prosperity through entrepreneurship, not cronyism or corruption. You’re more eager for progress that comes not by holding down any segment of society, but by holding up the rights of every human being, regardless” – Obama

Sorry but it’s definitely looking like that he’s trying to tell us that he’s gay here. Is this his coming out photo? Was this intentional to wait for Obama to step at the end of the rainbow so the photographer can shoot the picture? Was this Obama’s idea? Why is Barack so obsessed with gay pride all of a sudden? Why is he obsessed with homosexuality, transgenders, transexuals and all that stuff? Sure, it’s possible that straight men can be very supporting of the LGBT but when you become WAY TOO supportive, that’s gotta say something there.

Come on, Barack O’. You’re not fooling anyone. I think he’s gonna come out before his presidency is over with, that’s my prediction. As a matter of fact, I think he just did come out already with this photo.


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