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Right now Steve Jobs would be rolling in his grave over Iphone 11 and new Ipad designs…

I didn’t watch the latest Apple Event of the new Apple products but I’ve seen pictures of them and heard about them here and there. I would have to agree with most people that the new design of Iphone 11 is just horrible. I’m not a big fan of the two camera lenses and the camera light next to it trying to make it look like a triangle or whatever. The thing looks like it came from a sci-fi movie or something.

I would think that Steve Jobs would not have approved with Tim Cook’s work with Apple lately. The Iphone 11 makes me wish that Steve Jobs was still alive ’cause if he was, he would have done anything he could to make that awful design not happen. If Steve was here still, that design wouldn’t have happened at all and if he saw it himself, I can see Steve freakin’ out about it knowing how he was in the past. Steve’s temper tantrum was no secret and if you showed him something he didn’t like, he would have no problem expressing his anger about it. That’s how he always was back when he was alive. He was like that ’cause it was his way of creating the best products.

Steve’s goal with Apple products was that he wanted to help people with “personal computing”…. Tim Cook just wants to do things differently. All Tim Cook has been doing with Apple products lately is that he’s been making them in different sizes, different designs and different colors. Tim Cook just wants to make them look “cool” and try to make them catch people’s eyes but Steve never did things that way. Steve was all about the “personal computing” experience if you get what I mean. I’m with everyone that I don’t think he would have liked the Iphone11 design.

I also don’t think Steve would have approved of the Apple Card and the Apple+ streaming service either. Steve was always about “personal computing” and not about entertainment.

I used to never be a fan of Apple products in the past but I’ve had a change of heart when I got the Ipad and then I got an Ipod. I don’t have an Iphone yet but I would like to get one at some point. If I ever did get an Iphone from Apple, it would be an older version… I don’t think I’ll get the newer ones.

I’m not a fan of Tim Cook of the way he’s doing things lately. I’m also due for a new Ipad and I plan on buying a new Ipad next year but I won’t get one with a ten inch screen. I’m gonna go for the Ipad Mini, I think. Steve wouldn’t have approved of an Ipad with a 10 inch screen either, he’d be screaming his head off about that too. Apple getting worse under Tim Cook. Not a fan of that guy at all. Man, why did Steve had to pass on too early?


More on HBO Now…

Well, I’ve been watching “The Sopranos” a lot on that HBO NOW streaming service for the Ipad and it’s real nice! I’ve already watched Season 1 of “The Sopranos” and I’m just at the very end of Season 2 already. Yeah, admittedly I’ve been doing a lot of binge watching on this show ’cause I was hoping to watch it all before the 1 month free subscription expired . I would watch like 4 episodes a night but admittedly it’s gonna take me a while longer to watch the whole show so it’s looking like that if I want to watch the rest of it, I’ll have to pay the subscription soon and I will. I think I’ll keep this service for a little while longer ’cause the only reason I wanted this service to begin with is to watch “The Sopranos”. A show I always wanted to see.

Yeah, I’m really loving this show. Tony Soprano is a bad ass and I love Steven Van Zandt’s character. I never realized that Steven Van Zant (who is well known as the guitar player for Bruce Springsteen) is such a good actor! Van Zandt is a talented actor… I’m blown away by his talent! “The Sopranos” is an addicting as hell show. It’s not just a mob drama… I view it as a comedy as well ’cause there’s a lot of hilarious scenes in it. James Gandolfini was a genius of an actor though. I’ve always respected the hell out of that man even before he passed. I was bummed when I heard about his passing.

Anyway, I should get back to watching, “Game of Thrones – Season 4” a season I haven’t seen yet… that way I can start watching Season 5 on there too. I love “game of thrones” and that’s another reason I wanna subscribe to HBO Now and will. Admittedly $14.99 a month is kind of pricey but I don’t think I’m gonna keep HBO NOW forever. I’m only gonna get it to watch certain shows and I also wanna watch that upcoming Kurt Cobain documentary “Montage of Heck” which is gonna be on there next month so I’m definitely gonna pay for it for another month.

“The Sopranos” is a masterpiece of a TV show. It’s definitely one of the best shows on TV of all time. Why did I start watching it so late?

What I love is how HBO NOW lets you pay for the subscription from Itunes so that means you get to use those Itunes cards. I don’t do credit cards hardly at all so when I need to get stuff from Apple, I use those gift cards you see in the store. I guess that’s why Apple sells them gift cards in the store so people can buy things for their devices who don’t have a credit card.

I’ll admit that I bought a lot of stuff from Apple… albums from Itunes, books, apps, etc. The Ipad is an addicting tool.


Do you like the Doors? If so… you’re gonna LOVE this app!!!

To all you Ipad and Iphone users, if you like the Doors, then this app is definitely worth a look:


The preview maybe free but to get the full app would cost like $2.99, I think. Not too bad.

The Warner Bros. label did a great job with that app. I was actually pretty impressed with it. Lots of detailed history on the band. Band photos. Lyrics. All kinds of goodies!

You can even listen to all of their albums on there but of course, you have to buy the albums from Itunes if you wanna listen to the full albums on there.

This app makes me wanna buy the Doors music for my Ipod.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Doors myself.

The app is not just for die-hards… it can be for newbies too. If you’re not into the Doors that much or never listen to them… that app is a great opportunity to learn more about the band.

I know this app came out last year but Warner Music is promoting this app again now ’cause they made some updates with it.

Definitely check this app out!

I hope they start making apps like this for other legendary bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Allman Brothers, Black Sabbath, etc.


“The Cat on Strat Guitar Method” instructional book is recommended to all guitar players!!!

Are you a long time guitarist struggling to get better like me or if you never played guitar before and thinking about starting to learn? To those who own an Ipad, Nook, Kindle or any of those things, I would strongly recommend you get this book called, “The Cat on Strat Guitar Method“, instructional book. Seriously, this is the ultimate guitar instruction out there. This is the holy bible of guitar instruction! It’s like a guitar encyclopedia all in one. It has everything you need to learn about the guitar.

I purchased this book for the Ipad last week, I started learning from it, and it’s already helping me greatly.

There are so many guitar instruction books and free instructional material online, but everywhere else, they make guitar instruction so difficult to understand, but this book, however, makes everything easy for you. He makes you understand theory much easier than anywhere else.

For years, I’ve been trying to find instructional books that will help me become more professional of a guitarist, but most instructional books out there were so badly done. It’s crazy. This book, is the best guitar instruction book ever published. I would recommend it to any guitar player of all levels. From beginner to advanced, this book will help you become an actual musician.

I’m glad I purchased this book, and it was only $9.99. Cheap!

I REALLY do want to become a much better guitarist and become more professionally skilled. I think this book will help me. Basically, I just want to become a better lead guitarist, that’s one thing I’m most focused on. It’s hard to become a great guitarist. Takes years to get there, for sure. I’ve been playing for 17 years now and still haven’t got there yet. I really am committed on becoming a better guitarist ’cause I really would like to melt faces and knock people’s socks off with my guitar playing someday.

This is really a fantastic book. Easy to read, well put together. Just impressive. David Moses teaches guitar better than anyone out there. Do yourself a favor and check it out!