Dr. Of Common Sense, “Obama not leaving office in 2017″…

Another cool video by E.T. Williams aka the Dr. Of Common Sense.

I’ve been saying for a while now in this blog that Obama may not leaving office even if 2016 elections comes. It would be great if he would step down for someone else to take over but I have this sick feeling in my stomach that Barack is gonna be president for a pretty long time. He could cancel the elections if he wanted. Keep in mind, Obama haven’t been faithful to the constitution and he breaks a lot of laws. What’s stopping him for doing the same with the upcoming election? How will he continue to be president after 2016? Declare martial law? Executive orders? Keep in mind, he’s the Mr. Pen and a phone guy. There might not even be a 2016 election at all. I’m tellin’ ya.

Read this article at WMD that E.T. Williams is talking about:


I’ve warned you guys plenty of times myself that Obama could still be president after 2016.

Think about why Eric Holder is still Attorney General when he announced resignation, Senate confirming Loretta Lynch and he even had a farewell party. Guess what? Holder is STILL Attorney General and I have a feeling he will still be Attorney General for a pretty long time.

I don’t think Obummer is gonna leave. He’s not gonna leave until the USA is no more.


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