Is the Caged System really pointless to learn? It seems so…

When learning music theory through instructional guitar books and online, instructors would advise you to learn the CAGED System. They make claims that the Caged System is an important skill to learn as a musician. According to these two guys, they say the Caged System is ridiculous and pointless. They say you don’t need to learn it.

If you don’t know what a caged system is, you learn a series of chords in the order of letters that are in the CAGED system. Like the C chord is in the C form, A chord is in the A form, G chord is in the G form, so on and so forth. Instructors claim they are a great way to learn scales and arpeggios.

After reading those two articles above, these guys have a point that the CAGED System does seem pretty pointless. I tried to experiment with the CAGED System and it does seem difficult and confusing.

The only thing the CAGED System would be good for is if you’re a neo-classical shredder and if you’re good at sweep picking, that kind of thing.

Learning arpeggios seems pretty pointless as well. So I’ll probably stay away from learning the CAGED System and arpeggios. They are made for virtuoso shredders, in my opinion.

If you wanna learn music theory, the only things you need to learn are all the notes on the guitar neck from top to bottom, the Circle of Fifths, Key Signatures, scale degrees, learn how chords are formed and learn your intervals. That’s pretty much all you need, in my opinion.

While music theory is fun and easy to learn, I too don’t agree with the CAGED System and arpeggios. I think they are just there for shredders to show off that they can play fast, in my opinion. Those things don’t make you sound musical. You wanna sound musical, scales is all you pretty much need.



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