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Ben Carson calls Obama a “psychopath” and I’ve been calling him that for years!!!

Yet another reason to vote for Dr. Ben Carson! Whatever Ben Carson says, it’s gonna get the liberal mainstream news all fired up!!! That’s part of what I like about him. Ben Carson certainly isn’t afraid of Obama at all and that’s why I listed him as one of the “Top 10 People Who Aren’t Afraid of Obama” youtube video I made. I didn’t include Ben Carson in that list for nothing, folks!

I also loved it when Ben Carson said this: “But he knows he’s telling a lie!” Carson vented. “He’s trying to sell what he thinks is not true! He’s sitting there saying, ‘These Americans are so stupid I can tell them anything.’ “

That is so true! Obama does know that he’s lying on so many things. Obama thinks Americans are so dumb and naive. He can tell us so many lies and so much bullshit and nobody picks up on it. To liberals nothing Obama says is wrong. The sad part is that a lot of liberals actually believe everything Obama says.



This is the article that CNN and MSNBC are writing about, the GQ article of Ben Carson watching Obama’s latest SOTU address with Armstrong Williams at his home:


That’s the problem with conservatives when it comes to election time. Seeing that GQ is a die-hard liberal magazine, they’re just doing whatever it takes to make Dr. Ben Carson look bad. They caught him talking shit about their precious Obama so they publish that article hoping to damage Ben’s reputation and turn off voters. Their opportunity to destroy Ben but….

… it’s not gonna hurt him at all. It’s only gonna give people more reasons to vote for him. Conservatives LOVE it when people call out Obama and being realistic about our traitor in chief. Conservatives will support anybody who calls out Obama. That’s part of why Ben Carson has a lot of supporters.

Ted Cruz isn’t my choice for president but Rand Paul is my first choice and Ben Carson is my second choice.

I’m getting real tired of liberals thinking it’s wrong for people to bash their precious Obama just because he’s the president of the United States. So you can’t bash our US president? Pretty hilarious coming from a bunch of losers who all they did was bash George W. Why is it okay to bash Bush and not Obama? People are really messed up.