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Why is the media and liberals picking on Dr. Ben Carson? Is it because he is black? Yes…

I just had a feeling that the mainstream media and liberals are gonna start picking on Dr. Ben Carson because of the color of his skin which makes them look like hypocrites. They accuse people of picking on Barack Obama ’cause of the color of skin now libtard America is doing the same with Ben Carson. Liberals can’t find a way to call Ben Carson a racist since he’s a black man himself so they call him other names like “bigot” and stuff. I predicted this would happen a long time ago as well.

I know it may seem pretty weird but I think I’m going to officially endorse another GOP candidate for president and his name is Dr. Ben Carson. I don’t think it hurts to endorse two candidates, right? Even though Trump is still my first choice, Carson would be my second. So if Carson happens to win the nomination instead of Trump, Carson would get my vote too.

Anybody who has the balls to call out the corrupt mainstream media is okay, in my book.



Donald Trump stands up for Dr. Ben Carson in one simple tweet… WOW!!!!

Donald Trump has never been the one to defend other GOP candidates but he actually stood up for Dr. Ben Carson which is pretty cool. Ben Carson is being accused by libtard media of disrespecting the Oregon victims but I don’t see how. Ben Carson is only explaining what he would have done if he was in the situation. He’s just saying that shooting victims has every right to defend themselves which they don’t do much of and that’s one reason why we need our guns, folks.





If there was a gunman standing there pointing a gun directly at your head, you wouldn’t just stand there and let him shoot you either. I would have done whatever it took to survive even if it meant killing the gunman myself.

That’s the thing with libtard media… they seem to be attacking the GOP candidates who are pretty high in the polls but they are pretty cool with the GOP candidates who aren’t doing well in the polls, I’ll have another topic on that another time.


A lot of people are silent about violent Muslims and illegal aliens ’cause of fear of being called racist…

Before the 2016 elections started, a lot of people in America were silent about how violent both Muslims and Illegal aliens really are. Why? Because like the title says, even though people know that Muslims and Illegal aliens are violent people, they keep that thought to themselves out of fear of being called racist. Well, I’m not afraid of that at all. It’s what you have to do to bring the truth to America’s attention, ya know? That’s why controversy is good.

Before the 2016 elections came around, a lot of people were silent on violent Muslims and Illegal aliens. Many still are silent.

You shouldn’t be afraid of a public backlash ’cause you can clearly see, I’m not afraid at all. The truth may hurt some but whatever it takes to get people to learn, ya know? Give people a wake up call and a reality check.

That’s why Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson matters and that’s why those two guys are getting very popular. Trump tells the truth about illegal immigration and Dr. Carson tells the truth about violent Muslims.

So you have to ask why are Trump and Dr. Carson getting so popular? It’s ’cause like I said, they are saying things that the media wouldn’t. Everyone wants the media to be realistic about Muslims and Illegal Immigrants but since they aren’t, that’s why they are all looking up to Trump and Dr. Carson.

You see guys when Americans like us go off on hating Muslims and Illegal immigrants they don’t do it out of pure hatred., bigotry or racism as the left would like to call it. We do it out of love for America. We fear for our safety and looking out for each others well-being, ya know? Americans are trying to protect the country and each other. That’s what we do this for but the libtard left doesn’t get it yet and they never will. We can all die because of violent Muslims and illegal aliens but the left naivety believes they are good people who they think deserve to be treated better.

I really thank Dr. Carson, Donald Trump and Ann Coulter for what they do and I respect those three greatly. They are doing a good job.

Don’t be cowards about this stuff… violent Muslims and violent illegal aliens. SPEAK UP AND SPEAK UP LOUD!!!! Let the country know that this world isn’t so lovable and safe at all.

Barack Obama himself is an illegal immigrant and there’s your proof right there that they aren’t to be trusted at all. That’s what happens when you elect an illegal alien as president.



Ben Carson is getting my respect more & more… this is good stuff!

Ben Carson is now going after the IRS and CAIR which is awesome. CAIR called for Carson to step down from the race and now Carson is retaliating.


Like I said if Ben Carson happens to win the nomination instead of Donald Trump, Carson will get my vote.




Why Dr. Ben Carson is getting my support again…

Simply because Dr. Ben Carson isn’t afraid to tell the truth about Islam. I love how he says that Muslims shouldn’t be president and I love how he isn’t afraid to say “Radical Islam”. I like Ben Carson ’cause he too is not afraid to say what’s on his mind and he doesn’t use a teleprompter either.

So therefor, if Donald Trump doesn’t get the nomination and if Ben Carson ends up winning the nomination instead, I’ll be willing to support Carson as the nominee. So I’m basically fine with either Trump or Carson becoming president of the United States. I’m a big fan of Trump and Carson but all the other GOP guys? No thank you. I don’t even like Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina.

I’ll admit that my support for Ben Carson has been on and off… and I’ve been doing a lot of flip flopping on the guy lately but I think I’ll stay loyal to him now. Yep, I like both Trump and Carson. I know Trump’s poll numbers are starting to fall and Carson is surging.

Carson is the man. I always knew there was something special about that guy, I’ve been following him for years.


Nobody should have to apologize for being real or having an opinion… what’s going on here???

It seems that if you want to have a different opinion or be real about something, the left will get all offended and hurt. They’ll be like, “Waaaaaahhhh, you can’t say that stuff. Apologize now”. It’s been happening a lot lately with celebrities and famous politicians. It happened with Donald Trump over his stance on immigration. It happened with Ann Coulter with her use of the F word when describing Jews. It happened with Mike Huckabee over his comments on the Holocaust earlier this year. It happened with Ted Nugent when he called Obama a subhuman mongrel. It happened with Rudy Giuliani when he said that Obama hates America. It happened with Nicole Arbour when she made that “Dear Fat People” video. Now it’s happening with Dr. Ben Carson when he said that a Muslim shouldn’t be president.

What’s going on here? Unfortunately, the 1st Amendment doesn’t work both ways anymore when it should be. Nobody should have to apologize for anything when you want to be real or make an opinion on something. Everyone has a right to an opinion. You don’t have to like it and you don’t have to agree with it. If someone says something I disagree with, I’m not gonna get all over them and beg them to apologize ’cause they have the right to say what they want. People should have the right to say what they please.

I’m never gonna apologize for the things I say on my blog. I’m not apologetic for bashing Obama, Muslims or gay marriage. I’m never gonna cave in to liberals. Never and neither should those people I listed above. Apologizing for saying something makes you look weak. It’ll make you look like a coward. Being strong and tough is ignoring all your critics. You should have the right to say what you want to and if people don’t like it, you have the right to give them the middle finger and tell everyone to “Fuck off, I say what I want to”.

Thankfully Donald Trump, Nicole Arbour and Ben Carson never caved in yet and I don’t think they will. Never let the politically correct win. That’s all there is to it.


Video: I agree with Dr. Carson that a Muslim shouldn’t be president but sadly we already have one right now…

Isn’t it interesting how there’s already talk of having a first Muslim president in the White House in the future when we already have one right now? It’s interesting how they talk about that but they don’t bring up the fact that Barack Obama himself is a Muslim. Yet, it seems that a lot of people still don’t know that he is one. Even the GOP candidates don’t wanna say whether or not Obama is a Muslim. Wonder why the GOP candidates refuses to say whether or not Obama is one? They’re afraid it might hurt their campaigns probably. I can’t think of no other reason. I agree that a Muslim should never be president but sadly we already have one in the oval office and his name is none other than Barack Obama.


It’s amazing how diverse the GOP side of the Election is but the left don’t care, all they do is hate, hate, hate…

The left would complain and bitch about lack of diversity in the Oscars but you don’t see them being all happy and excited about how diverse the GOP side of the upcoming election really is. Lets see we have a woman now who is Carly Fiorina. We have an African-American who is Ben Carson. We have two Latinos who are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Then we have a white American male named, Rand Paul. The Republican side is pretty diverse from the way I see it but the left don’t care. All I see is the liberal left bashing and hating on all of them. I think part of that is “jealousy”, big time. Why? It’s because they were probably hoping the Democrat side would have diverse candidates but they didn’t get that so that’s why they are mad at the Republican side but what’s new with those uneducated liberals? They just hate everything Republican. To them, nothing is good with the Republicans. No matter how interesting or good their issues are… liberals are gonna hate ’cause of their Republican beliefs.

I thought we were the “racist” and “sexist” ones? People will call us “sexist” for attacking their Hillary Clinton but the left are on full-on attack mode on Carly. Isn’t that kind of “sexist” too? Ever think about that, ya bunch of hypocrites?

If Ben Carson gets the nomination, I guess we’re all gonna have to vote for him simply because he’s black. If we don’t vote for him, we might get called “racist” but that won’t happen, you see… people won’t care if we don’t vote for Ben Carson ’cause of his Republican beliefs.

When it comes to Carly, if she ever got nominated… I wonder if the left will accuse us of voting for her just because she’s a woman alone? Liberals hate her ’cause she drives them crazy. Carly is anti-Hillary and anti-liberal. I like Carly ’cause she’s one of the few Republicans who is real and brutal. She’s not a career politician which is the kind of president we need. It be nice if we elect someone who isn’t a career politician for once. Why? This president will be less corrupt and more realistic.

I got my eye on two GOP candidates right now… either Rand Paul or Carly would be my choices. I’ll keep an eye on both of them so hopefully they don’t let me down.

The left wing media is gonna do all they can to destroy the GOP candidates but that’s the name of the game of politics, I guess.

I hope we do get a Republican president next time around and I think we will. I believe it. We’ve pretty much had it with liberalism.


Welp, there goes my support for Dr. Ben Carson, he won’t be getting my vote for this reason…

I was liking Ben Carson up until he started having a big hardon for Rev. Al Sharpton. Ben compared himself to Al and even went as far as shaking hands with him.


So I don’t think he’ll be getting my vote if he gets the nomination.

So who in the GOP I want as president? I’m not a big fan of Marco Rubio either so cross him out. Ted Cruz I was never a big fan of but if he gets the nomination, I’ll vote for him. Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina I do like.

It’s still too early for me to endorse someone, admittedly. There are still more candidates coming. Donald Trump should be announcing his pretty soon.


Next two GOP candidates announced for 2016 President race: Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina….

So all the candidates for the upcoming 2016 Election is looking like this so far:

GOP: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Dr. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina

Democrat: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders

Well, look at that? There is more GOP to the race than Democrats. Will there be anymore Democrats announcing their run? There’s been a lot of buzz about Jim Webb. A few people recommended me Jim Webb, I looked him up and not a big fan of him either.

You see guys, there will be other women gunning for the White House and it’s not just Hillary. Liberal America is all for a woman president as long she’s a Democrat. To them, a woman president won’t be acceptable as long as she’s gonna be an evil Republican. Left-wingers really are that one-sided, it sickens me.

What I love about Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina is that both of them are not career politicians. They never worked for government or Congress and that’s the kind of president that we need.

Watch Dr. Ben Carson’s famous speech in the video below. You would see why a lot of people like him after that speech.