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Media attacks Dr. Ben Carson’s past in college but they continue to ignore Obama’s sealed college records… disgusting…

Libtard media is accusing Ben Carson of fabricating his West Point scholarship. In other words, they’re accusing Ben Carson of making it up or to construct a “lie” which is what “fabricate” pretty much means. Thanks to that libtard website, Politico for making up that lie trying to make Carson look bad. Well Carson didn’t “fabricate” or “make up” anything and here’s the proof.


So libtard media wants to get all over Ben Carson over his college past but they continually ignore Barack Obama’s sealed college records. Media wants to get all over Ben Carson over his statement on pyramids and they’re trying to play “gotcha” moments over Caron’s alleged violent past.

Well, this is the kind of thing that libtard media does. This is what I try to teach you guys on my blog. All the media does is bully those die-hard conservatives and they would do anything to destroy him. That’s why that’s all they do is attack Donald Trump and Ben Carson. The media bias is just pathetic and fucking stupid.

Those fuckers in the media want to get all over Ben Carson about his past but what do they do about Barack Obama’s past? Nothing. Obama gets zero flak. Obama keeps his past so secretive and mysterious. We know nothing about Obama’s past and the media never goes after him. Obama hung out with Communists, socialists, homosexuals and went to bath houses in Chicago but media never went after him. If Obama was a Republican, he never would have gotten elected twice. That’s how liberal the media really is and I hate it.

The media better be careful ’cause the more they attack Dr. Ben Carson, the more they are helping him win the nomination just like how they’re helping Donald Trump.

I’m still supporting Ben Carson and if you don’t like it? Well um, fuck you.


Hmmmm interesting… why is Obama giving Trump & Carson, Secret Service protection? Now that is weird…

It’s pretty obvious that Barack Obama himself has been paying very close attention to this upcoming President election. If he wasn’t then he wouldn’t have joked about the GOP candidates being afraid of CNBC. Yes, Trump and Carson both requested security protection by the Secret Service and oddly enough, the Dept. of Homeland Security granted their request (which I’m pretty sure goes through the approval of Barack Obama first).



So Barack is willing to protect Trump & Carson which I’m sure those are two men that Barack really despises.

Barack could be on his way into the election to illegally run for a third term and he can’t wait to get in the race so he can debate those two. That’s probably why Barack has agreed to protect them and keep them alive.


Dr. Ben Carson calls out Obama’s hypocrisy when accusing the GOP of being afraid of CNBC…


At a fundraiser in New York City, Obama calls out the Republicans and accusing them of not being able to handle a debate on CNBC. Which means that Barack is making fun of the GOP of being afraid of liberal media.

Ahem… kind of funny coming from a guy who is afraid of FOX News criticism. Barack can’t handle FOX News. Hypocrite Barack. Nothing new here.


Barack may have had a few interviews with Bill O’ Reilly on the FOX News channel but did Barack go to the FOX News studio to have it there? No, instead Barack usually invites Bill to the oval office. Not sure how many interviews Barack had with Bill… I think it was just the Superbowl interview from last year. Not sure if he had any others with Bill.

Anyway, Barack shouldn’t be criticizing the Republicans of being afraid of CNBC when he’s totally afraid of FOX News. Barack is always criticizing FOX News all the time and always complaining about how he is being unfairly treated by them. If I must say again, hypocrite Barack.

Barack has done interviews for other networks and appeared on late night talk shows, I’m sure he’s capable of doing interviews for FOX News shows but he hasn’t done any other than Bill O’ Reilly. The man is such a coward and a hypocrite.


Have you noticed? Not many care for liberal opinion anymore… we want honesty… not political correctness…

I have been noticing that the liberal community has been losing more and more respect as time goes along. Not many care for liberal opinion anymore is why. Liberalism is getting weaker for sure thanks to Donald Trump and Ben Carson. We would have no problem with liberals if they can be more tolerant of others. Ya know, respecting others opinions and beliefs in politics even if you don’t agree. It’s a fact that liberals can be cool with you but when you express an opinion that liberals don’t agree with or don’t like, they can be assholes about it for sure. I have proven that fact many times. Liberals are only cool with you if you agree with them on certain things which is sad and pathetic if you ask me. That’s why it’s called, “political correctness”. Liberals think they are the only source of credible information… everything in their world is true. Anything different than their view is bullshit. They won’t believe any opinion that is different than the liberal media, ya know? It is a proven fact that liberals will only follow what the media says.

For example, liberals will only believe that gay marriage is a right only because NBC or the Washington Post says it is. They won’t listen to any other opinion that is different than that. Liberals will agree that Islam is a peaceful religion only because NBC or the Washington Post says so. They believe that Obama is saving the economy and the USA only because NBC or the Washington Post says so. They will only believe that Trayvon Martin was just a good kid just getting a snack only because liberal media says so.

They won’t believe any opinion outside of liberal media like for instance… they won’t believe anything FOX News says and they won’t believe anything Breitbart News or they won’t believe anything that Alex Jones’s Info Wars says ’cause they are not mainstream media outlets. They won’t believe any right wing commentary or opinion.

This is how “one-sided” liberals are nowadays and it’s why it’s pointless debating politics with them. They will never side with “right-wingers” on anything at all.

Most Americans are fed up with liberalism and it’s about time too. More people are finally waking up for a change.

I get accused by liberals that my politics are always “negative”, a bit too “extreme” and “harsh”. No. Not at all. I don’t see how. My politics online are actually very positive as a matter of fact. If you think I’m being too extreme and aggressive chances are you’re probably a misinformed libtard. Other conservatives have no problem with what I do at all as most of them enjoy what I do. I get a lot of great feedback by other conservatives. I’m only trying to protect and defend America like what most are doing. I have a voice and I’m not afraid to let my opinion get heard, I don’t care whether it offends people or not.

All of this “political correctness”… all this “right vs. left” shit needs to stop. I’m tired of liberals having exact opposites of opinion than us which is getting old and tiresome.

I hate having to ignore liberals completely but it’s the best thing to do nowadays. Liberals are a piece of work ’cause they’ll never agree with you on anything. They will only reply to you if you post something they disagree with. When they do that, chances are you probably were right and they didn’t like hearing the truth.


Trump & Carson are correct… the politically correct are out in full force…

What do they mean when they say “politically correct”? The way I’m looking at that term is that it’s a form of censorship. You have to watch and be careful what you say each time you open your mouth. When you say something someone else disagrees with someone else will come around and claim you are “incorrect” when you know you’re right. They claim what they say is the truth. Then they’ll yell at you for being offensive and “wrong”. That’s politically correct.

Examples of political correctness:

– People believing that marriage should be between a man and woman. Others believe gays have the right to marry.

– All of this Black Lives Matter stuff is all PC too. Like when you want to say that Trayvon, Michael and Freddie were thugs… people will come and try to “correct” you that they were just innocent people who didn’t deserve what they got. That’s all PC.

– You try to prove that Muslims are evil and terrorists, they encourage violence and kill people… some wants to believe that Muslims are peaceful and good people who don’t deserve to be treated like terrorists. You get called racist for doing so. That’s all PC.

– When you want to call illegal immigrants criminals, murderers pedophiles and rapists. Some would want to believe that’s not true and some want to believe illegal immigrants are just good people needing our help. That’s all PC.

– When you want to call Barack Obama a criminal, liar and lawless president. People will try to correct you saying that he’s done nothing wrong, You’re a conspiracy theorist or a racist. That’s all PC.

– You’re against abortion and you believe killing babies is murder. Then some will get all over you and say that women have the right to do what they want with their bodies. That’s all PC.

I can go on all day with this but you get the idea.

That’s why Trump & Carson are getting popular ’cause they are the only two GOP candidates who fights back at the PC Crowd. We should be able to speak the truth without the PC crowd getting in our faces everyday. This has gotta stop for sure.

I’m real tired of the left’s “one-sided” opinions. It’s getting old and tiresome. They don’t understand the “truth” at all ’cause those people are on one side only.


Lindsey Graham and John Kasich bothered by Trump & Carson’s popularity… jealous much are ya???

Man, this is entertaining stuff. Two GOP candidates… Lindsey Graham and John Kasich both seemed to be frustrated and annoyed about the popularaty of Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson. It seems like they’re blaming their low poll numbers on them. I think these two phonies are just jealous of them, nothing more?



Well John and Lindsey, don’t take it out on other people. It’s your own fault for your low poll numbers ’cause get the hint… nobody really likes you guys. If your poll numbers are shit, why don’t you guys drop out of the race already?

Trump and Carson are doing well ’cause they are saying stuff that the American people wants to hear while Kasich and Graham are just a couple of liberals pretending to be “conservatives”.

That’s what seems to be going on these days when you’re popular, other people will start attacking you out of jealousy.


CNBC has come to an agreement that GOP debate no. 3 will be two hours…

Well looks like CNBC agreed that GOP debate No. 3 will be strictly two hours. Of they had to. They don’t want to lose the Donald ’cause without him and Ben Carson, the ratings would be pretty low. I will be watching the next GOP debate for sure. Debate no. 3 will be on Oct. 28th.



Donald Trump and Ben Carson writes letter to CNBC threatening to boycott next GOP debate if longer than 120 minutes…

I’ll have to say that these 3 hour presidential debates whether GOP or Democrat is getting pretty ridiculous. CNN and the mainstream media kept promising that the Democrat debate was going to be two hours long but of course, the debate earlier this week went on for another hour.

Why do they keep having the debates for 3 hours each? Just so they can have plenty of time to try and get more votes to Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton? That’s probably the only reason, I would say. Plenty of time to make those candidates look good. Liberals are upset over the Hillary bias in CNN so now liberals finally have a taste on how corrupt the media is.

I love Donald and Ben teaming up together to fight back at the media. That takes balls. 3 hours is way too long for those candidates to stand and talk. Their throats will dry out for talking too much and legs will get worn out for standing for three hours. I can understand where they’re coming from.

Debates shouldn’t be that long. Even the American people don’t want to watch ’em that long either.


Libtard media really dumbed down the misinformed, did they?

Why is it getting harder and harder for people to express opinions however we want to when we should be able to? It’s because of the left’s one-sided opinions. It’s hard to get into an intelligent debate with liberals these days ’cause they wanna have the exact opposites of opinions every time. It’s getting old and tiresome, ya know? Liberals will knock ya if you’re against gay marriage. They will knock ya for defending the 2nd Amendment. They’ll knock ya for being against abortion or Planned Parenthood. They’ll knock ya for being on Kim Davis’s side. They’ll knock ya for accusing Muslims of encouraging violence.

I think you get where I’m getting at here.

When someone wants to support GOP candidates like Donald Trump or Ben Carson, the left will accuse you of being dumb & misinformed. They’ll accuse you of being dumb and misinformed for hating on Barack Obama all the time.

All of this one-side opinion bullshit and political correctness is getting way out of hand for sure. The left will try to silence you and believe me, they tried to silence me many times but no matter how hard they try, it isn’t working.

I’m not gonna get silenced by liberals. I’m not gonna let it happen. When they try, I’ll have no problem defending myself and I’ll fight back hard.

Liberals are way out of touch with reality, they really really are. They really do believe in the mainstream media as credible source and they do believe that Democrat politicians are not corrupt. All we’re doing is just trying to educate them and wake them up… that’s all we want them to do but they respond with all kinds of hatred, negativity and they do all they can to silence us. Not gonna happen.

Which proves even further that liberalism is indeed the enemy of America. We would be cool with liberals if they can have more “tolerance”, respect our opinions and beliefs but they don’t at all. I’ve gotten treated like crap by liberals since 2008 and I still do continue to get bullied by liberals even to this day. Liberals are brain dead and insane. I’m not afraid to say it. I think the media made them that way. It is exactly how Democrats continue to stay in power.

Something’s really gotta be done with our mainstream media. Which is why we need either Donald Trump or Ben Carson in the White House. If either one of those guys get elected, watch out. There’s gonna be a major change in America media reporting for sure. Y’all know that Trump and Carson both hate the mainstream media too and once one of those guys get in the White House, they’re gonna change American mainstream news reporting for sure. They’re gonna get rid of this “right vs. left” crap in the media is what they’re gonna do. Both of them are not fans of “political correct” and it’s time to get rid of it, once and for all.

It’ll be nice if we can all express our own opinions without getting into so much trouble for no reason at all and to stop that from happening, we need to change the way America reports it’s news.


Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are surging in the polls like crazy ’cause why??? They aren’t liars is why!!!

From the article below:

“I want people to see me as an honest person, a person who is actually willing to express what they believe” Carson said. “The way I look at it, if people don’t like that, I’d rather not be in office. I don’t want to be in office under false pretenses, just saying things people want to hear so I can get elected.”


You wanna know why Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are pretty high in the polls right now? Simply because both of them aren’t liars at all. They are honest men and both of them certainly aren’t afraid to speak their minds at all. These are guys who don’t rely on teleprompters or handlers to write stuff for them. They just speak their minds which is very rare. That’s why a lot of people in America are looking up to Trump and Carson.

Both of them are pretty fearless guys and they refuse to get silenced by the libtard media.

While Trump is still my choice for president, Dr. Carson would be my second choice so I’m supporting both of them.

It would be nice if we could have an honest president for once ’cause that’s what we need. We haven’t had an honest president in decades. Yes, Barack Obama is a liar… George W. was a liar… Bill Clinton was a liar and George H.W. Bush was a liar too.

We need a president who isn’t a career politician ’cause they can have a better vision for America. We can’t trust career politicians anymore and it’s time to get ’em out.