Have you noticed? Not many care for liberal opinion anymore… we want honesty… not political correctness…

I have been noticing that the liberal community has been losing more and more respect as time goes along. Not many care for liberal opinion anymore is why. Liberalism is getting weaker for sure thanks to Donald Trump and Ben Carson. We would have no problem with liberals if they can be more tolerant of others. Ya know, respecting others opinions and beliefs in politics even if you don’t agree. It’s a fact that liberals can be cool with you but when you express an opinion that liberals don’t agree with or don’t like, they can be assholes about it for sure. I have proven that fact many times. Liberals are only cool with you if you agree with them on certain things which is sad and pathetic if you ask me. That’s why it’s called, “political correctness”. Liberals think they are the only source of credible information… everything in their world is true. Anything different than their view is bullshit. They won’t believe any opinion that is different than the liberal media, ya know? It is a proven fact that liberals will only follow what the media says.

For example, liberals will only believe that gay marriage is a right only because NBC or the Washington Post says it is. They won’t listen to any other opinion that is different than that. Liberals will agree that Islam is a peaceful religion only because NBC or the Washington Post says so. They believe that Obama is saving the economy and the USA only because NBC or the Washington Post says so. They will only believe that Trayvon Martin was just a good kid just getting a snack only because liberal media says so.

They won’t believe any opinion outside of liberal media like for instance… they won’t believe anything FOX News says and they won’t believe anything Breitbart News or they won’t believe anything that Alex Jones’s Info Wars says ’cause they are not mainstream media outlets. They won’t believe any right wing commentary or opinion.

This is how “one-sided” liberals are nowadays and it’s why it’s pointless debating politics with them. They will never side with “right-wingers” on anything at all.

Most Americans are fed up with liberalism and it’s about time too. More people are finally waking up for a change.

I get accused by liberals that my politics are always “negative”, a bit too “extreme” and “harsh”. No. Not at all. I don’t see how. My politics online are actually very positive as a matter of fact. If you think I’m being too extreme and aggressive chances are you’re probably a misinformed libtard. Other conservatives have no problem with what I do at all as most of them enjoy what I do. I get a lot of great feedback by other conservatives. I’m only trying to protect and defend America like what most are doing. I have a voice and I’m not afraid to let my opinion get heard, I don’t care whether it offends people or not.

All of this “political correctness”… all this “right vs. left” shit needs to stop. I’m tired of liberals having exact opposites of opinion than us which is getting old and tiresome.

I hate having to ignore liberals completely but it’s the best thing to do nowadays. Liberals are a piece of work ’cause they’ll never agree with you on anything. They will only reply to you if you post something they disagree with. When they do that, chances are you probably were right and they didn’t like hearing the truth.


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