Was the baby dressed as the Pope a plant by the White House themselves? Yep, I’m calling it…

Media is going off about some baby being dressed as the Pope at the disastrous White House trick or treat party. I think it’s a plant by the White House themselves. The White House planted the Pope baby there just so the liberal media can have something to jerk themselves off about. They just want liberals going “Aaawwww look at Obama with the cute baby dressed as the Pope”. Blech… sickening. I mean, who in the right mind would dress a baby as the Pope? Pretty stupid if you ask me. I don’t think any parent would. I bet the White House secretly came up with that idea.

I know the White House has Halloween Trick or Treat celebrations for the public each year but this year is the worst of them.


I’m sure liberals are going, “Aaaawwww, look at Obama, he’s so great with the kids”. Of course he is great with kids. Why? It’s because he’s a very feminine guy. He thinks and acts like a woman since he’s a closeted homosexual. He’s pretending to be a “mother” and not really father like, you can really see that in the video below.


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