Media attacks Dr. Ben Carson’s past in college but they continue to ignore Obama’s sealed college records… disgusting…

Libtard media is accusing Ben Carson of fabricating his West Point scholarship. In other words, they’re accusing Ben Carson of making it up or to construct a “lie” which is what “fabricate” pretty much means. Thanks to that libtard website, Politico for making up that lie trying to make Carson look bad. Well Carson didn’t “fabricate” or “make up” anything and here’s the proof.

So libtard media wants to get all over Ben Carson over his college past but they continually ignore Barack Obama’s sealed college records. Media wants to get all over Ben Carson over his statement on pyramids and they’re trying to play “gotcha” moments over Caron’s alleged violent past.

Well, this is the kind of thing that libtard media does. This is what I try to teach you guys on my blog. All the media does is bully those die-hard conservatives and they would do anything to destroy him. That’s why that’s all they do is attack Donald Trump and Ben Carson. The media bias is just pathetic and fucking stupid.

Those fuckers in the media want to get all over Ben Carson about his past but what do they do about Barack Obama’s past? Nothing. Obama gets zero flak. Obama keeps his past so secretive and mysterious. We know nothing about Obama’s past and the media never goes after him. Obama hung out with Communists, socialists, homosexuals and went to bath houses in Chicago but media never went after him. If Obama was a Republican, he never would have gotten elected twice. That’s how liberal the media really is and I hate it.

The media better be careful ’cause the more they attack Dr. Ben Carson, the more they are helping him win the nomination just like how they’re helping Donald Trump.

I’m still supporting Ben Carson and if you don’t like it? Well um, fuck you.


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