A lot of people are silent about violent Muslims and illegal aliens ’cause of fear of being called racist…

Before the 2016 elections started, a lot of people in America were silent about how violent both Muslims and Illegal aliens really are. Why? Because like the title says, even though people know that Muslims and Illegal aliens are violent people, they keep that thought to themselves out of fear of being called racist. Well, I’m not afraid of that at all. It’s what you have to do to bring the truth to America’s attention, ya know? That’s why controversy is good.

Before the 2016 elections came around, a lot of people were silent on violent Muslims and Illegal aliens. Many still are silent.

You shouldn’t be afraid of a public backlash ’cause you can clearly see, I’m not afraid at all. The truth may hurt some but whatever it takes to get people to learn, ya know? Give people a wake up call and a reality check.

That’s why Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson matters and that’s why those two guys are getting very popular. Trump tells the truth about illegal immigration and Dr. Carson tells the truth about violent Muslims.

So you have to ask why are Trump and Dr. Carson getting so popular? It’s ’cause like I said, they are saying things that the media wouldn’t. Everyone wants the media to be realistic about Muslims and Illegal Immigrants but since they aren’t, that’s why they are all looking up to Trump and Dr. Carson.

You see guys when Americans like us go off on hating Muslims and Illegal immigrants they don’t do it out of pure hatred., bigotry or racism as the left would like to call it. We do it out of love for America. We fear for our safety and looking out for each others well-being, ya know? Americans are trying to protect the country and each other. That’s what we do this for but the libtard left doesn’t get it yet and they never will. We can all die because of violent Muslims and illegal aliens but the left naivety believes they are good people who they think deserve to be treated better.

I really thank Dr. Carson, Donald Trump and Ann Coulter for what they do and I respect those three greatly. They are doing a good job.

Don’t be cowards about this stuff… violent Muslims and violent illegal aliens. SPEAK UP AND SPEAK UP LOUD!!!! Let the country know that this world isn’t so lovable and safe at all.

Barack Obama himself is an illegal immigrant and there’s your proof right there that they aren’t to be trusted at all. That’s what happens when you elect an illegal alien as president.



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