Ted Cruz won’t last long in this election so there’s nothing to worry about anyways, y’all!!!

Ted may have won one state by cheating but that’s all he’s gonna get. He’s only gonna win one state and he won’t win anymore due to making lies about Trump & Carson. Ted will be out of this election soon enough. So to all of those delusional Cruz supporters thinking that Cruz is gonna win the nomination, think again. Not gonna happen. Trump is gonna destroy Ted over his birthplace thing so that’s gonna be the end of Ted right there. Ted will get forced to drop out soon.

I’m noticing a lot of liberals are liking Marco Rubio and they think Rubio is gonna be the star of the GOP side. I disagree. I’m predicting now that Trump is gonna win most “primaries” and “caucus’s”. Trump would have won Iowa if Ted didn’t cheat, though. I think Trump is gonna win most states, just something to be aware of, y’all. I think Trump is gonna be victorious all the way to the nomination.

My question is, why do liberals love Rubio so much? Is it because he’s too friendly with illegal immigrants? That’s a big part of it for sure. I think another reason is that Rubio’s policies and ideas are very similar to Obama’s, pretty much. I’m not a fan of Rubio at all. His immigration plan is total crap. I don’t think Rubio is gonna make it either.

The election is probably gonna end up being Trump vs. Hillary. I can’t wait ’til Trump is victorious and then I can sit here and watch people accuse Trump of “voter fraud”. They’re gonna accuse him of cheating, absolutely. *sigh*


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