Ted Cruz is not to be trusted but his army of supporters will worship him anyways…

Well Ted Cruz decides to make Ben Carson look bad by making lies that Carson is dropping out of the race after his loss in Iowa. Now Ted is apologizing and playing “innocent victim”.



I think Ted is quick to apologize ’cause he simply doesn’t want to look like a “racist” since Carson is black. Ted attacks Ben Carson and nobody defends Carson. Is it because Carson is part of the GOP is why nobody called Ted a “racist”? Lib media never defended Carson either.

Ted better be careful or else Ben Carson will start surging and Dr. Carson will start winning “primaries” and “caucus’s” instead of him. I think Ted just helped Dr. Carson a little bit when not realizing it. Ben Carson may not be doing well in the election but it’s all up to him if he wants to drop out or not.

Those delusional and insane Ted Cruz supporters in which they call themselves, the “Cruz Crew” will always side with Ted no matter what happens. I’m siding with Ben Carson on this one. Ted is a liar like the rest of ’em.


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