Trump calls out Ted Cruz over voter fraud in Iowa, yes “voter fraud” exists…

The Donald sent out a series of tweets accusing Ted Cruz of voter fraud but I believe him, though. “Voter fraud” does exist. I have a bad feeling that this is going happen to Donald more this year. No matter how popular the Donald gets in this election, I have a feeling he won’t win due to all the corruption and “voter fraud” that is going to be all over this election. That’s how Barack Obama was elected twice was due to all the voter “fraud” in this country. Yes, “voter fraud” is real and this country has been cheating president elections for decades. If you think they play the elections fair and square then you’re one delusional and naive person.

This is one reason why we need Trump in office… not only to fix the corrupted government but also to fix the broken “election” system. We need to change the voting system around to stop people from committing “voter fraud” crimes.

On top of that, Ted is not even eligible to be running for prez and needs to be out of this election anyways. Ted is a fraud himself.


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