The media is pretty left-wing these days ’cause they think that’s what the people wanna see which isn’t true…

Why is most every media outlet these days is pretty left-wing? The answer is pretty simple really. It’s because they naively believe that’s what the American people wanna see. Most of the big media outlets: NBC, CNN, CBS, The Washington Post, NY Times, NPR and all those giants are pretty left-wing in the news ’cause all their CEO’s are very liberal people. I’m pretty sure some journalists has got some conservative views in politics but they are not allowed to write that stuff ’cause they are being told what to do by their bosses. There’s so much liberal bias everywhere these days ’cause these media outlets want you to look at the world how they want you to see it, ya know? Even the CEO’s of these media outlets can be out of touch of reality. They believe that’s how we think when the reality is, most of us don’t think like that at all. Ya know, think liberal. Think far-left. Most of us don’t. Most of us believe that today’s journalism in the news is pretty corrupt and broken.

If anybody does think far-left… chances are, they’ve been brainwashed by the media for sure. These are the type of people who will believe anything the news tells them which to me is pretty saddening. This is why the mainstream media continues to be “far-left” news is ’cause some people eat up what they report and they actually believe in it which is why most of us call them “libtards”. Once again, they only believe what the MSM tells them. If more people would stop paying attention to the news like I do then maybe the MSM would stop being “left-wing”.

Our MSM is pretty corrupt. It’s gotta be pretty easy to see. That includes garbage like the Washington Post and NPR and I’ll have no problem knocking people for following them religiously. All they do is “one-sided” reported. All the news is pretty “one-sided” and I don’t like it at all.

Even the local news is pretty one-sided. I was at the mall yesterday and saw a copy of the Metroland where the front cover knocks the Keystone Pipeline so yep, I think I’m gonna boycott the Metroland for sure ’cause even they are very liberal. Metroland a local free newspaper from Albany.

I’m tired of liberal news everywhere. Hey news journalists… this is NOT what the American people wants to see. We want to see “real” journalism. Be realistic on both sides of the spectrum. Stop trying to make it look like that liberal political views are good for America and conservative views are bad for America. Where’s the honesty on both sides? That’s what we all want to see! If you be realistic on both sides and not just on the “right-wing” side then maybe more people will take the media seriously but for now, most of us believe that today’s MSM is all a freakin’ joke. If you take the media seriously and believe everything they say is real well, you are a freakin’ joke too. Today’s news has honestly turned into the tabloids but worse.


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