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Last night’s GOP Debate No. 4 was surprisingly really really good! FInally we got good moderators this time!

Last night’s GOP Debate No. 4 was very impressive, surprisingly. We finally got moderators that did a great job. Seriously they were good. They were respectful to the GOP candidates. The moderators asked the questions and they answer them. The moderators didn’t join in on the debates this time. Best of all, the moderators weren’t picky on who got to talk more and who got to talk less. The moderators gave each candidate the chance to speak their minds. The moderators were very professional and respectful. They did a great job. Probably because the moderators seem like they were pretty conservative which is the kind of moderators they needed in order to have a fair debate.

There were a lot of good discussions last night however, John Kasich keeps opening his big mouth and interrupting everybody… that dude is annoying as hell. Can you imagine that guy president? I can’t. I’m sure John Kasich got more liberal support, though ’cause that guy really isn’t a Republican with the way he talks. He slammed Trump’s view on immigration.

Carly Fiorina keeps interrupting people as well and she keeps saying that she’s the only one in the GOP race who could beat Hillary.

One of my favorite parts of last night’s GOP Debate was that Rand Paul started getting all over Marco Rubio. Rand Paul started questioning Rubio on whether or not he’s a real conservative. They started arguing back and forth over military spending. http://dailycaller.com/2015/11/10/how-is-it-conservative-rubio-crushes-rand-for-questioning-his-military-spending-video/

Another one of my favorite parts from last night’s GOP debate was when Trump said each GOP candidates tax plan may not be as good but each tax plan is better than the tax plan we have now which was the best thing he said and I agree. Any tax plan is better than the corrupted tax plan we have now by the Obama admin.

Who were the stars of last night? Well, Trump and Carson did the best job, of course. I just love Dr. Carson’s response on getting “vetted”, read what he had to say here if you didn’t watch it last night: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/nov/10/ben-carson-i-have-no-problem-being-vetted-hillary-/

As you can see Dr. Carson continues to mock the double standard in the media. What Carson is trying to say when talking about Hillary’s Benghazi video lie, I think what he means is why can’t both sides of the spectrum call Hillary’s Benghazi video was a lie too but instead opinions are so one-sided. Dr. Carson is just calling out the one-sided opinions in the media, that’s all he’s saying, I think.

It was a great debate last night. I enjoyed it. That’s how a Republican debate should be and keep it that way please!