Video: Dr. Of Common Sense nails it again, “Truth is being banned, not you”…

I hear ya, ET Williams. I’m in the same boat as you. I get attacked by the PC crowd daily.

I agree with the Doctor here that if you bash conservatives and their ideas, it’s okay but when you bash liberals and their ideas, it”s not okay. Why is that? It’s just dumb, ya know? I know it ’cause when I bash Ted Cruz and his supporters, liberals seem to be okay with that but when you bash Bernie Sanders and his supporters, they go raging mad.

I keep getting called “racist” all the time… each time I speak about Obama’s presidency, the Black Lives Matter stuff, illegal immigrants and Muslims. Things like that,  ya know?

On my personal facebook page, I had to take certain stuff down ’cause I was offending too many people with my thoughts on gay marriage, Muslims and things like that. I don’t talk about the Black Lives Matter stuff on my FB at all ’cause I’m worried that too many libtards will get all over me for it, that’s why I talk about that stuff on my blog instead.

I agree with the Doctor here, you’re not being censored the “truth” is. Whenever you want to tell the truth about anything that has something to do with liberalism, you’ll get censored and you get into a lot of trouble for it but it’s okay when you talk bad about “conservatism”.

It’s okay for people to bash Donald Trump but you can’t do that with Barack, Michelle, Bernie, Hillary, etc.

I can’t stand this crap. How it’s going these days. We should be able to speak the truth on both sides of the spectrum. Why the double standard in everything?

I agree that “political correctness” is destroying America. I’ve been saying that for a long time.

We should be allowed to speak our minds on anything we please. Censorship is getting worse for sure. Listen to the Doctor here and pay attention to what he’s saying.


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