The Trump family may seem rich & glamorous but not really… they’re just regular people like us, y’all!

Do you think the Trump family are always about expensive things? No not really. They’re just regular and normal people like us even though those people may seem intimidating. Yeah, I’m sure Donald’s kids gets their share of his money but that’s family stuff but Donald’s kids are entrepreneurs as well and they do their own thing.

The Trump family are willing to stop in at cheap restaurants & diners for a bite to eat ’cause why? They’re Americans that’s why. You can see they’re willing to stop in at public places with all kinds of people around.

They’re just like us, y’all.

Who is pictured? Well in the front is Eric and Donald Jr. In the middle row is Eric’s wife, Lara Lea and Ivanka is on the right in the center.  I don’t know who the two are in the far back, though. They seem like friendly people to me.

When Trump is elected president, will this family be in the White House? No, probably not ’cause who is gonna run Trump’s empire while he’s in the White House running the country? They’re probably gonna take over Trump’s businesses.


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