I love how people accuse me of not being smart when it comes to politics, if you say that, you’re an obvious libtard!!!

Sometimes I get that from people. People declaring that I’m not smart with my politics. People saying that I’m dumb and misinformed. That’s what they say to all conservatives in general. So because we have different opinions, different views, we don’t agree with the media and Obama… we get labeled as uneducated by the libtard left?

No… let me correct you. A lot of us on the “right” are very smart. More smarter than most people. If you’re saying we’re uneducated and dumb, chances are you’re probably a dumb liberal. I get accused of not being smart all the time but those accusations are mostly coming from the left. Very rarely I hear those accusations from the “right”. Sometimes I do get those accusations from the “right” but not that bad. Honestly, I get a lot of positive feedback by mostly “right-wing” people. They love the stuff that I do. I’ve gotten other conservatives who has told me that I know what I’m talking about most of the time. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve gotten mostly right-wingers liking my posts on this blog. I’ve gotten conservatives liking some of my posts on my own facebook page.

What’s being smart is waking up about what’s really going on in America. What’s being smart is realizing what Barack Obama is really doing to our country. The smart people are the ones who get themselves informed and has greatly researched material that is not in the media. That’s what being smart & intelligent to me is. All the misinformed and naive people believe everything they read in the media and they believe everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth. That’s what being uneducated is. What’s being uneducated is you falling for all this political correctness crap.

The smart people are the ones who have already woken up about America & Obama years ago while the libtard left are still worshipping Obama like he’s their king. If you’re still blind and ignorant about Obama, that’s what being uneducated is.

Anyone that says I’m uneducated, thanks. I’ll take it as a compliment ’cause it shows me that you are the ones with no brains, not I. If you still see that there is nothing wrong with Obama and still can’t see what he’s doing to America then you’re the one who is dumb.

So get off your high horse, stop acting like you’re better than everyone and shut the fuck up.


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