How to spot libtards on the internet… they’re easy to spot…

I can always easily tell whether or not someone is a liberal on the internet. It’s not rocket science really. I can spot a liberal as soon as they drop a comment on the internet.

How to spot a liberal or a “libtard” (which is a better name for them):

  • They’re always hating on the GOP & conservatives. Always saying positive things about liberal political figures such as Barack Obama, Hillary, Bernie Sanders, etc.
  • They’re always defending gay marriage and things like gender equality and crap like that.
  • Always agreeing with Obama’s policies and agreeing with everything he says.
  • They get all their info from the mass media like NBC, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, NY Times, NPR, etc. *rolls eyes*
  • Always giving anti-Obama people all kinds of crap and giving them all kinds of hell.
  • Liberals three favorite words that they like to throw around all the time: racist, bigot and homophobe.
  • When someone defends Muslims and calls Islam peaceful…
  • When someone doesn’t believe that Obama and Hillary are corrupted and evil people, they continue to support them anyways.
  • When you try to post an opinion that you have every right to have and someone responds & disagrees with you, they’ll fight and argue with you. Call you names and crap like that. It’s called “intolerance”. They can be cool with you but when they disagree with you, watch out… liberals can be total assholes and douchebags about it. I know from experience

There ya have it, enjoy.


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