Now that you think about it, Trump is doing the right thing going after Jeb & Ted…

Wow. Mr. Trump is going on full on attack mode on Jeb Bush & Ted Cruz. For a while, I thought Trump should leave those guys alone and keep his focus on Obama/Hillary but after thinking about it a while… Mr. Trump is doing the right thing going after Jeb & Ted. That’s the name of game in politics, ya know? Attacking other candidates is just a way to help turn off voters and get voters to stop supporting their candidates. That’s why they attack each other all the time. Mr. Trump just wants people to wake up that Jeb & Ted aren’t to be trusted. I’ve noticed that Jeb & Ted both has been getting more supporters and Mr. Trump just wants to let people know that they are supporting the wrong candidate. Yeah, the GOP attacks maybe getting heated but that’s the name of the game in “elections”. It’s how they win over voters and it’s how they make other candidates lose their voters.

Conservatives may not enjoy Trump blaming George W. on the Iraq War but if you think about it, Mr. Trump is doing the right thing. It’s like, why is Jeb running for president when his brother lied about things like the Iraq War and Weapons of Mass Destruction? It seems like the only reason why Jeb wants to be president is to help protect his brother over 9/11, Iraq War, etc. Jeb is desperate to win the nomination. Jeb is doing all he can to win the nomination by buying fake donors/special interests, having his mother Barbara campaign for him and now Jeb is having his brother George W. help him. Jeb is desperate to win for sure.

Mr. Trump is just trying to get Jeb and Ted to drop out ’cause they are not to be trusted. Of course, the media continues to side with Jeb & Ted ’cause what’s new with the media? Like I said before, the media is in bed with anybody who Trump attacks. When candidates attack Mr. Trump and Mr. Trump decides to retaliate, they lose and you never heard from them again. Look where Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina ended up when they tried to go after Trump. Perfect example, y’all.

Like they all say, you can’t stump the Trump. He’ll get you owned every time. Both Jeb & Ted are pieces of garbages. Anybody that supports them are a bunch of losers!


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