I say no to Jeb Bush as president, we don’t need more Bushs or Clintons…

Once again even if Jeb Bush is republican, I don’t like him either. If we elect Jeb, then he could be MUCH worse than the two George’s. This is a guy who supports illegal immigration and he tried his best to urge us to support illegal immigration by calling it an “act of love”. That could be a small part of why a lot of us right-wingers don’t like him too much. Also, electing Jeb would be like re-electing the two George’s again and we don’t want that. I don’t want another Bush as president either.

I want Sen. Rand Paul as our president ’cause he would be the good one. I wish Sen. Paul would announce his presidency. He has teased it before but never made anything official yet. My second choice as president in 2016 is Dr. Ben Carson. Third choice would be Sarah Palin. So hopefully any of these three would announce their presidential run in 2016 soon. I want Rand Paul more than the other two, I’ve been following Rand Paul ever since his filibuster on the drones from last year.

So please no Jeb Bush and no Hillary Clinton. I’m tired of the Bushs and Clintons too.


3 thoughts on “I say no to Jeb Bush as president, we don’t need more Bushs or Clintons…”

    1. Hey man, I hope you appreciate the unexpected juvenile zinger there. If not…well, I can’t do anything about that! We all need to be a little juvenile every now and then. Keeps the pile of crap life dumps on us from getting too high. Peace and love, musical brother!

  1. I know this isn’t the right place for these, but I didn’t know how else to send them to you. Thought you would be interested, and…is there anything else going on here they’re not telling us? Might make a great blog post…




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