After thinking about it a while, I think Trump is right about attacking Jeb over 9/11/01…

Jeb claims that George W. kept us safe during 9/11/01 which I think is a total crock of shit. George W. kept us safe? If that was true then the towers in NYC wouldn’t have came down and more than 3,000 people wouldn’t have gotten killed. George W. was late into responding to the attacks as he was reading children’s books to a group of children in a class room while 9/11 was going on. George W. could have prevented 9/11 easily but he was reading children’s books in a classroom at the time.

Did George W. bear responsibility for 9/11? Yes, absolutely. 9/11 probably was a government inside job. While I’m sure Bush & Cheney may have planned the attacks, I’m sure they didn’t plan it alone. He definitely had some help with the Clintons and Barack Obama. 9/11 happened under their watch too. They were all in on it. Why do you think Barack Obama is still protecting George W. over 9/11?

I’d say release that top secret 28 page document that Obama is keeping sealed. Release that and we’ll see whether or not Trump is right to attack Jeb over George W.’s involvement in 9/11. Release that document already ’cause Americans deserves to know the truth of 9/11/01 just like America deserve to know the truth of what happened in Benghazi.

Trump isn’t desperate for liberal voters at all ’cause he’s just like the rest of us. I guess, he’s right in blaming George W. over 9/11.

Maybe Jeb was involved in the attacks too ’cause he seems to be protecting his brother every step of the way.


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