Interesting how all these so-called “conservatives” turning their backs on George W. Bush after he slammed Trump on Today Show this morning…


A lot of conservatives today through social networking are being very disappointed and angry with George W. Bush. Why? George W. Bush had an interview on the Today Show with Matt Lauer this morning and George W. slammed Trump over immigration laws by saying, “I am for an immigration policy that is welcoming…”. See the first video above.

Interesting how conservatives have been turning their backs on George W. Why now when they shouldn’t have trusted him years ago? George W. has always been pro-illegals and pro-Islam. Proof on that George W. deported less illegal immigrants than Barack Obama…even Snopes said that was true:

George W. has also always been “friendly” with Islam ever since the 9/11 attacks and even Matt Lauer said that in the video above. It’s interesting how these conservatives loves George W. Bush so much when he has always been too friendly about illegals and Muslims. Conservatives are against illegals and Islam too.

Since these “conservatives” love Trump so much, why are they loving Trump since he had so many bad things to say about George W. over the years? Trump’s been talking trash about George W. for years and that goes way back to 2007 in the video interview above where Trump did an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN (back when CNN used to be nice to Trump, that is).

People always accused me of liking Bush since I’m a very conservative guy but not true. I’ve always hated George W. and I love it when Trump gets onto him about not doing much after 9/11, getting us into war and all that stuff.

Why are conservatives sad at George W. now? George W. is a guy who gets along with Barack Obama. They’ve been friends for years. So-called conservatives who thought George W. was a great leader is no real conservative, in my opinion. George W. has always been a “RINO”. A fake republican with some liberal views. I can’t understand why some conservatives love the guy so much. Liberals can be dumb, naive and uneducated? Yes definitely. Well, some conservatives can be just as bad.


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