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Is the Ellen show about to go down because of toxic work environment? I’m not surprised her show is toxic, though…

Well this one is interesting…. it is getting out there more and more that the Ellen show, the longtime and iconic daytime talk show that it is a toxic work environment behind the scenes. I’m not surprised to see this seeing that Ellen and most of TV are very leftist people and they are very toxic people.

Now it’s getting out there that Ellen may quit the show and the show may get off the air ’cause of it all.


The Ellen Show has been on the air for like 17 years, I think so that’s a pretty long time and I wouldn’t be surprised that it’ll finally hang it up.

Ya know, on TV Ellen may seem like a real sweetheart of a lady with a bubbly personality and all that… she may seem down to Earth and likeable but behind the scenes, she’s actually very bitchy and very demanding woman it looks like. Reports aren’t clear of why the place is very toxic… they say intimidation and racism. Backstage at her shows, though, I’m sure there are lots of arguments, politics, harassment and verbal abuse by co-workers.

Being out there in the real world working may seem fun and to earn some cash and make a living but at the same time working can be overwhelming ’cause of “toxic” work environment. I’m sure a lot of people out there had jobs where it’s a toxic work environment… I know I’ve experienced jobs like that… where co-workers are nothing but assholes and mean to you and the boss is overly demanding. Yup, I’ve been there too. Admittedly, I’m not ashamed to be “unemployed” still and really quite enjoying it honestly.

The work force can be tough some times. I’m sure the world of TV can be much tougher, though.

I’m glad the show might be gone soon ’cause it was garbage since the beginning. Now if only we get “The View” off the air next. HMMMmmm….


Apparently, Ellen triggered people on both sides with her defense of hanging with George W. Bush video… which proves her point that America needs to come together and love everybody!

I’m noticing that Ellen’s segment on telling Americans that it’s okay to be friends with people you disagree with politically is triggering people on both sides of the spectrum… the right and the left. Both sides are losing their minds and calling her out. Not all of them are, though… there are some people on both sides who actually agrees with her.

Yeah, I don’t really like George W. Bush, don’t really like Obama, don’t like Bernie and don’t really like Hillary but if I ever met them in person… I wouldn’t be mean to them and would be kind to them anyway. Some people can have the most insane and crazy ideas when it comes to political views but it’s still possible to treat them like real humans. We are all human and we all have feelings.

We really need to knock off this “right vs. left” crap ’cause it’s getting old and tiresome, ya know? Admittedly, I’ve been pretty harsh and mean to liberals online over the years but I’ve been trying to calm down and have been trying to be “apolitical” more. I think I may as well become “apolitical”… ya know, shut up about politics for good and just focus on music and weightlifting. Admittedly, I haven’t been letting lefties speak their minds when I should.

A lot of conservatives say lefties are “intolerant” but conservatives can be just as bad as the left. The conservative community is pretty divided for that reason. This isn’t how America should be. We need to come together and love each other as a whole. That’s what Ellen trying to say and the more you hate on her, the more it proves her point. The same goes for lefties who are always hating on conservatives and Republican voters.

We really need to unite pretty badly, though and Ellen has a lot of balls for saying it. Give it time… is Ellen about to be blacklisted ’cause she all of a sudden had “center-like” views in politics? I wouldn’t be surprised if she’ll start getting the Roseanne Barr treatment.


I’m no fan of Ellen Degeneres but what she did here was really good… for once I agree with her!!!

I’m no fan of talk show host and comedian Ellen Degeneres at all. I never liked her but for once, I’ll love her for this just for this one time… Ellen goes to an NFL football game that she got invited to and she got special seating at the game. Unexpectedly, she gets a seat next to our former president George W. Bush and his wife, Laura. This sparked an uproar on twitter and here is Ellen brilliantly defending herself on this… clearly shutting down the “outrage” crowd we live in these days.

In this segment on her talk show, she says we should be kind to one another even if we don’t agree with our political views. She says it’s okay to be friends with people even if they have opposing views with each other and I totally agree.

Ya know, I maybe a very conservative guy and I do have some “leftist” friends in my life. I don’t really hate the hardcore left and I’m willing to be friends with “liberals” just as long as they respect my views. I don’t hate liberals like some would think, I respect and LOVE all people. Really I do.

Even if I’m a pretty conservative guy… not only do I have some liberal friends and family members, I also have liberal fans and supporters. When I have liberal fans and supporters, they don’t support me ’cause of my politics, they probably support me ’cause of my bodybuilding/powerlifting and they enjoy my music since I’m a musician. They support me anyways ’cause they are adult enough that it’s okay to support people who you don’t agree with politically. I’m even willing to date a liberal woman if I had to.

We still live in a divided country. I’ve always said for a pretty long time on my blogs that this “right vs. left” battles we keep having constantly is just silly and not good for America. We still need to figure out a way to unite ’cause we need to knock off this “right vs. left” crap.

I’ve had too many liberals over the years attacking me for my political views and I’ve had many leftist people refusing to talk to me only because I’m “conservative”. That’s not how America should be.

I love Ellen for this. We really need to stop hating on each other over politics ’cause once again, it’s not good for America.

It is possible to love someone even if you don’t agree with them politically… you should try it, lefties. It’s not that hard. Shame on the media ’cause the mainstream press is partly responsible for dividing the nation.


Michelle Obama on Ellen…

Did Michelle just adjust her crotch at 3:53 in this video? That’s what it looks like to me. What does she have under her pants that would make her do that? She wasn’t doing some Michael Jackson move before she started the dance. Go to about 3:52 or 3:53 in this video and look closely. Women don’t adjust their crotches, that is something that men do… hmmm… I wonder…


Last night’s Oscar awards brings up the debate of celebrity obsession in America…

The topic of “celebrity obsession” in America haven’t been that big on the internet until Ellen hosted the Oscar awards again last night. The whole internet world is all over this debate of celebrity obsession ’cause of last night. You look at facebook, political forums, blogs, entertainment sites, etc. You can see the internet world shitting on the world of fame and rich celebrities. I’ve been guilty of “celebrity obsession” myself ’cause that’s what this blog has been about over the years. Why do Americans hate on celebrities making a living for making movies? Is it out of jealousy that these celebrities are making more money than we do? Maybe that’s a small part of it.

However; though, you shouldn’t really blame these people getting rich off of making movies. Who is the real person to blame? That would be us. If you think about it a few minutes, we’re the ones keeping these celebrities out there doing what they do for a living. We’re the ones paying to go see their films by going to the theaters and buying/renting their films, that’s how they’re making their money. That’s how the movie industry stays alive ’cause we’re paying them. Sorry but that’s the truth. That’s how they get their box office numbers. We pay to go see movies, the money goes through the box office, and then the money goes to the industry to pay the film companies, crew, actors, etc. We’re the ones making these people rich and famous, ha ha! Sorry but that’s the truth. That is a small part of why we have sites like TMZ and perezhilton. I hate those gossip sites like the next person but those sites wouldn’t have came around if we weren’t helping people become rich and famous. If you don’t want celebs getting rich and famous, then we should stop paying for their work but nope, that will never happen.

I agree, though, that it’ss crazy and out of this world how these actors/actresses get paid millions just to make one film.

With that being said, Hollywood has always been this way since the 1930’s. America has always been obsessed with celebrities for decades. It’s nothing new.

Fame and fortune continues to get worse ’cause of media and gossip sites, though. Celebrity gossip is pretty big on the internet. Whenever a celeb couple gets married or if a famous actress gets pregnant… it’s all over the news. I can’t stand it myself but that’s how people make their money. If you notice on my blog, I try to stay away from celebrity gossip. I don’t concentrate on marriages, divorces and all that bullshit. My main focus is on their film projects and what they’re doing in the movies.

I hear everyone, though. It would be nice if this nation would get their minds off of celebrities and focus on what our fuckin’ President is doing to our nation. The US is about to go to war with Russia over this Ukraine stuff, we still have 4 dead Americans w/ no answers over Benghazi, and we have all kinds of crazy things going on in America. Obama is destroying our country and everybody wants to focus on celebrities. That’s kind of why I’ve been all over Obama on my blog more than the other topics ’cause I find what he is doing to our country is more important.

Back to the Oscars, I have a feeling that we’re gonna get Ellen as host again for next year since the ratings turned out decent and the popularity of that selfies pic. That’s why they had Ellen back ’cause of her popularity on twitter. I can’t stand Ellen Degeneres. It’s not because of her being lesbian is why I don’t like her — I just think she’s an annoying and stupid as hell woman. Never liked her at all.


Last night’s Oscar awards was the worst show in history… wow!!!

Man, I wish I can get my 4 hours back that I wasted watching the horrendous Oscar award show last night. Last night’s show was really bad… all the way through.

Ellen Degeneres was a horrible host. She wasn’t funny as she tries to be. She was actually annoying as hell. The pizza delivery and the group selfie w/ celebs? That part when Ellen kept going on and on about her group selfie with those stars going viral on twitter… I’m like, “Wow, Ellen, shut the fuck up, no one cares.”. Even the celebs in the audience was looking bored. I did laugh at one part; however, when Ellen gave Harrison Ford a pizza slice… she forgot to give him a napkin so Harrison tapped her on the shoulder and asked her for one. Harrison is the shit!

I was disappointed in the Oscar winner choices too. Sandra Bullock didn’t win, Jennifer Lawrence didn’t win… wtf? Jonah Hill and Leo didn’t even win either. It was no surprise that “12 Years A Slave” was gonna get BEST PICTURE. I’m glad they gave Alfonso Cuaron the director for “Gravity” an award but they just did that ’cause “Gravity” wasn’t gonna get BEST PICTURE.

A lot of acceptance speeches were pretty bad too especially Matt McConaughey who had to bring “god” into helping him get up there. How was that an inspiring and moving speech? God didn’t help him get up there. I hate when people win awards at award shows they think god got them up there. Hard work and talent, got them up there. God didn’t do that for ya. It’s a load of crock. Why did McConaughey’s speech had to turn into the Joel Osteen show?

The musical performances weren’t that great either. Even U2 and Pink were pretty bad. Same with Bette Midler.

The camera and production crew seemed pretty amateurish and they cut off the applause during the “In Memoriam” segment. Usually during the “In Memoriam” segment there are people clapping during it. They did a little bit but it was cut off due to technical difficulties, I think?

The only positive I can give about the Oscars last night was that Bill Murray gave a shout-out to Harold Ramis as he was presenting an award. That wasn’t on the teleprompter… he just ad-libbed it in there. That was very cool! That was probably the best thing that happened last night but other than that… the whole show was garbage.

I don’t know if I’ll continue to watch the Oscars. The Oscars seem to be getting worse each year too. It’s no different than other award shows now.


I think “Gravity” WILL be the Best Picture winner at the Oscars tomorrow night…

So “The Oscars” is tomorrow night. Yes, I will probably end up watching but it’s easy to predict this year’s “Best Picture” winner even though they try to make it look tough to predict. As soon as I finished watching the movie, “Gravity” after I’ve seen it in theaters… my first thought was, “Gravity’s going to win Best Picture”. “Gravity” really is a beautiful film. Finally, a science fiction movie that is realistic. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would suggest you check it out as soon as possible. The film is on DVD/BluRay. Give it a rent or buy it. I’m planning to get my own copy of the film “Gravity” on BluRay sometime next week. I’m also hoping Sandra Bullock will win another Oscar for her role in “Gravity”.

I also think Jennifer Lawrence will win her second Oscar for her role in “American Hustle”. “American Hustle” was an amazing film too.

I haven’t seen”12 Years A Slave” yet so I will wait for rental on that one.

Hopefully, it’ll be a good Oscar awards show tomorrow night and the winners go to the right people.


BREAKING NEWS: First Simon Cowell quits, then Ellen Degeneres quits…

Well that didn’t last long. Ellen Degeneres is quitting “American Idol” as judge, effective now. Remember, she did say she wouldn’t do the show without Simon Cowell. Maybe that’s the real reason?

She does have her own morning talk show. Maybe she felt that doing two different shows at the same time was too overwhelming for her and she wanted the evenings off for herself?

More on it here:

Either that, or even she thinks American Idol sucks.


BREAKING NEWS: Ellen Degeneres is now 4th judge of American Idol, taking over Paula Abdul…

Paula Abdul out, Ellen is in!

While Ellen is not a musician or a singer, she is a music lover and loves listening to music herself.

She broke the news herself exclusively on her talk show.

The Associated Press reports:


Not a bad replacement actually. I like Ellen, she’s nice, smart, and funny too. They obviously got her hoping to keep up the ratings. Ellen’s not an annoying loudmouth like Rosie O’ Donnell.