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Last night’s Oscar awards was the worst show in history… wow!!!

Man, I wish I can get my 4 hours back that I wasted watching the horrendous Oscar award show last night. Last night’s show was really bad… all the way through.

Ellen Degeneres was a horrible host. She wasn’t funny as she tries to be. She was actually annoying as hell. The pizza delivery and the group selfie w/ celebs? That part when Ellen kept going on and on about her group selfie with those stars going viral on twitter… I’m like, “Wow, Ellen, shut the fuck up, no one cares.”. Even the celebs in the audience was looking bored. I did laugh at one part; however, when Ellen gave Harrison Ford a pizza slice… she forgot to give him a napkin so Harrison tapped her on the shoulder and asked her for one. Harrison is the shit!

I was disappointed in the Oscar winner choices too. Sandra Bullock didn’t win, Jennifer Lawrence didn’t win… wtf? Jonah Hill and Leo didn’t even win either. It was no surprise that “12 Years A Slave” was gonna get BEST PICTURE. I’m glad they gave Alfonso Cuaron the director for “Gravity” an award but they just did that ’cause “Gravity” wasn’t gonna get BEST PICTURE.

A lot of acceptance speeches were pretty bad too especially Matt McConaughey who had to bring “god” into helping him get up there. How was that an inspiring and moving speech? God didn’t help him get up there. I hate when people win awards at award shows they think god got them up there. Hard work and talent, got them up there. God didn’t do that for ya. It’s a load of crock. Why did McConaughey’s speech had to turn into the Joel Osteen show?

The musical performances weren’t that great either. Even U2 and Pink were pretty bad. Same with Bette Midler.

The camera and production crew seemed pretty amateurish and they cut off the applause during the “In Memoriam” segment. Usually during the “In Memoriam” segment there are people clapping during it. They did a little bit but it was cut off due to technical difficulties, I think?

The only positive I can give about the Oscars last night was that Bill Murray gave a shout-out to Harold Ramis as he was presenting an award. That wasn’t on the teleprompter… he just ad-libbed it in there. That was very cool! That was probably the best thing that happened last night but other than that… the whole show was garbage.

I don’t know if I’ll continue to watch the Oscars. The Oscars seem to be getting worse each year too. It’s no different than other award shows now.