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Paula Abdul should make a new album and come back to music, she still got it!!

Paula Abdul only made three albums in her career: “Forever Your Girl”, “Spellbound” and “Head Over Heels”. I’ve heard them all. Used to be a big fan of hers when I was young and still am. A blast from the past here. Even though she hasn’t been involved in the music business in many years, she still got it. She can still thrill the fans.

Wish she would come out of retirement and make a new album. Now that she’s not doing competition shows anymore, she’s got nothing to do now so who knows? We’ll have to wait and see. I’ve got Paula’s three albums saved in my Apple Music library too.

“Opposites Attract” used to be one of my favorite tunes and not ashamed to say I still like it today.


BREAKING NEWS: Ellen Degeneres is now 4th judge of American Idol, taking over Paula Abdul…

Paula Abdul out, Ellen is in!

While Ellen is not a musician or a singer, she is a music lover and loves listening to music herself.

She broke the news herself exclusively on her talk show.

The Associated Press reports:


Not a bad replacement actually. I like Ellen, she’s nice, smart, and funny too. They obviously got her hoping to keep up the ratings. Ellen’s not an annoying loudmouth like Rosie O’ Donnell.


Report: Yep, figures…Paula maybe going to “Dancing With the Stars” either as judge or a contestant…

ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” has already asked Paula Abdul to either be a judge or a contestant on this talent dance show.

Variety Reports:


Paula will probably go for the judge since it pays more. Since Paula wanted 10 million a year on “Idol”, DWTS will probably give her that deal that she wanted in order to get her to say “yes” to get on the show.


Thought: Paula Abdul to stay on TV or make a return to her music career?

The world of the internets is going crazy over the news that Paula Abdul has decided to quit, American Idol.

I don’t see her leaving TV anytime soon. She’ll probably get asked to be the 4th judge on “America’s Got Talent” to join David Hasselhoff, Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne. Or Paula get asked to be a judge on “Dancing with the Stars” or whatever talent show out there. Or Paula could get her own talk show or maybe do some acting on TV shows/films.

Paula Abdul used to be a huge 80’s pop music icon when she did the music business back in her time. Maybe she has plans to do the music again. Maybe she has plans to record a new album and do a tour?

When I was a kid, I used to listen to her music all the time. She should do a tour where she would sing her classic hits, her songs like “Straight Up”, “Opposites Attract”, “Cold Hearted”, etc.

I don’t care if she goes back to her music career since I don’t care for that type of music anymore, but she should stop doing TV and go back to music. People see her as a music artist, not a TV star.

The Associated Press reports:



Thought: How to Meet a Celebrity in person… a few tips of advice…

So, I’m sure you’ve all read the news by now that Paula Goodspeed Od’d herself by ingesting medication into her over her obsession of Idol judge, Paula Abdul. Which is pretty sad.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an obsessive fan of some celebrity you admire, ’cause I know that all of us admire a certain famous person here and there.

I don’t meet a lot of celebs in person, but I have met a few in my life. Here are some tips and advice to those wanting to meet your hero in person, whether the celeb is a famous actor, musician, sports star, TV star, etc., whatever.

Some do’s and don’ts

The Don’ts:

  • Do not travel to their home without their consent and sit outside  for hours waiting for them to come out of their home…this is a no no…this will screw your chance and lose your opportunity in meeting your favorite celebrity. This will only land you behind bars or get a restraining order by your own favorite celeb. Next thing you know, your hero will not want anything to do with you. So don’t BE STUPID!!!!!
  • Don’t show up while their working for their careers. When celebs are working on their careers sometimes a fan will show up out of nowhere. This is also a big no no and will lose your chance at meeting your hero.
  • Do not take their pictures without their consent. If you’re walking in public and just snap a pic of them, they’ll think you’re the paparazzi, the celeb will track you down and you could get sued. Do you really want a lawsuit threat by your own hero? I don’t think so.
  • If you do meet them in person, don’t act star struck. Celebs like to be treated like real human beings. They are real human beings too, not cartoon characters. Treat them like how you want to be treated, they’ll treat you good.
  • If you do meet a celeb in public and if they have no time to talk to you, accept it for what it is and respect their privacy. Don’t continue to pursue to meet them when they say “No, not right now”, that means they are busy at the moment, and you could get confronted by their bodygaurds, do you really want that?

The Do’s:

  • See, a celeb you like out in public walking around? Walk up and say “Hi, (my name is), I’m a big fan of your work. Can I have your autograph (or picture taken with you)?” They’ll be glad to give it to you if you ask them nicely.
  • Best way to meet famous celebrities is at autograph sessions…or living in big cities like New York City, Los Angeles or Nashville. Those three cities are popular with famous people living all over them.

Hope this info helps out so you don’t end up like Ms. Goodspeed.


Report: Paula Abdul upset with “American Idol” producers… Will she leave the show and quit?

Uh oh. Paula Abdul is pretty pissed off at the “American Idol” producers because she is blaming the death of Paula Goodspeed, her longtime stalker, on the producers of the hit TV show. She is blaming “American Idol” for feuling Goodspeed’s obsession with Abdul which led her to her suicide in front of Abdul’s home. Abdul requested to the producers to not let Goodspeed audition for Season 5 but the producers let Goodspeed audition anyways, even though Abdul tried to explain to them she had been her stalker for years. Paula Goodspeed have been an obsessive fan of Paula Abdul since Abdul’s pop music career back in the 80’s.

Reports have been saying that Abdul have been pretty upset over Goodspeed’s death, Abdul couldn’t sleep at night because of it and she is planning on moving to a new home.

Is this a big sign that Paula Abdul could quit being a judge of the popular show and could she sue “American Idol”?

More on it here:


I too blame it all on “American Idol”. People think “American Idol” is full of good and talented people but honestly, the show has brought out a lot of crazy people and whackos. The auditions prove that.

I think the only reason “A.I.” let Goodspeed audition for Season 5 was just so Goodspeed can have the opportunity to get closer to Abdul face to face.


BREAKING NEWS: Obsessive Paula Abdul fan committs suicide near the American Idol judge’s home…

A woman was found dead near the home of the American Idol judge, Paula Abdul. The woman appeared to be an obsessive fan of Paula and she is also in her 30’s. TMZ says the woman was a contestant for American Idol Season 5. Speculation that the body found was Paula Goodspeed who seems to have a lesbian crush on Abdul but the body hasn’t been officially identified yet.

The Associated Press reports:


And plenty more on the story at TMZ as well.