Last night’s Oscar awards brings up the debate of celebrity obsession in America…

The topic of “celebrity obsession” in America haven’t been that big on the internet until Ellen hosted the Oscar awards again last night. The whole internet world is all over this debate of celebrity obsession ’cause of last night. You look at facebook, political forums, blogs, entertainment sites, etc. You can see the internet world shitting on the world of fame and rich celebrities. I’ve been guilty of “celebrity obsession” myself ’cause that’s what this blog has been about over the years. Why do Americans hate on celebrities making a living for making movies? Is it out of jealousy that these celebrities are making more money than we do? Maybe that’s a small part of it.

However; though, you shouldn’t really blame these people getting rich off of making movies. Who is the real person to blame? That would be us. If you think about it a few minutes, we’re the ones keeping these celebrities out there doing what they do for a living. We’re the ones paying to go see their films by going to the theaters and buying/renting their films, that’s how they’re making their money. That’s how the movie industry stays alive ’cause we’re paying them. Sorry but that’s the truth. That’s how they get their box office numbers. We pay to go see movies, the money goes through the box office, and then the money goes to the industry to pay the film companies, crew, actors, etc. We’re the ones making these people rich and famous, ha ha! Sorry but that’s the truth. That is a small part of why we have sites like TMZ and perezhilton. I hate those gossip sites like the next person but those sites wouldn’t have came around if we weren’t helping people become rich and famous. If you don’t want celebs getting rich and famous, then we should stop paying for their work but nope, that will never happen.

I agree, though, that it’ss crazy and out of this world how these actors/actresses get paid millions just to make one film.

With that being said, Hollywood has always been this way since the 1930’s. America has always been obsessed with celebrities for decades. It’s nothing new.

Fame and fortune continues to get worse ’cause of media and gossip sites, though. Celebrity gossip is pretty big on the internet. Whenever a celeb couple gets married or if a famous actress gets pregnant… it’s all over the news. I can’t stand it myself but that’s how people make their money. If you notice on my blog, I try to stay away from celebrity gossip. I don’t concentrate on marriages, divorces and all that bullshit. My main focus is on their film projects and what they’re doing in the movies.

I hear everyone, though. It would be nice if this nation would get their minds off of celebrities and focus on what our fuckin’ President is doing to our nation. The US is about to go to war with Russia over this Ukraine stuff, we still have 4 dead Americans w/ no answers over Benghazi, and we have all kinds of crazy things going on in America. Obama is destroying our country and everybody wants to focus on celebrities. That’s kind of why I’ve been all over Obama on my blog more than the other topics ’cause I find what he is doing to our country is more important.

Back to the Oscars, I have a feeling that we’re gonna get Ellen as host again for next year since the ratings turned out decent and the popularity of that selfies pic. That’s why they had Ellen back ’cause of her popularity on twitter. I can’t stand Ellen Degeneres. It’s not because of her being lesbian is why I don’t like her — I just think she’s an annoying and stupid as hell woman. Never liked her at all.


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