All of us should be seeking answers for Benghazi… it doesn’t matter who’s left or right…

When it comes to the Benghazi attacks, it seems that the conservatives/republicans care about seeking answers for the attacks more than the left or other parties. When it comes to left-wingers, they don’t really care. They would usually call right-wingers crazy and insane over Benghazi, yet the left would think it’s okay to bring 9/11/01 into things. The left would say things like “the right wingers are beating Benghazi like a deadhorse”, “it happened years ago”, “how come Bush didn’t get in trouble for his crimes”, etc. Blah blah blah, etc. etc. etc. You get the deal, right?

I think the left should care about Benghazi. That’s what we want them to do. Try to get them to wake up and be on our side. It’s great that they want answers on 9/11/01 but saying that Benghazi happened years ago is incorrect. Benghazi didn’t happen that long ago. It’s pretty hypocritical for the left to say something like that when the WTC attacks happened years ago. They say that they’ll never forget what happened with WTC attacks in NYC and if they say that if terrorists hurt Americans, they hurt us? Well, it’s pretty much the same with Benghazi.

In my opinion, though, I think the left doesn’t really care about Benghazi ’cause they are afraid of the fact that the President maybe responsible for it. Some people refuse to believe that the President was behind it ’cause of lack of evidence. Well, sorry to say everyone but that’s the whole point of a “cover up”. The government doesn’t want you to find out that the President was behind it. There is no evidence ’cause the government is hiding it all… that’s called a “cover up”.

Benghazi shouldn’t be treated like a football team. It shouldn’t be a team vs. team battle ’cause that is disrespectful to America and the 4 victims of the attack. If we had more left-wingers seeking answers on Benghazi, then the truth of the attacks would have came out a long time ago. It’s pretty obvious that the left is trying to protect their hero president. None of ’em want to admit that the President was definitely involved. They just don’t wanna see him get into a lot of trouble like he is now.

I think good things will come out of Benghazi, though. I think the truth will come out soon. When do I predict the truth will come out? Chances are when this administration is no longer in office… the truth will come out then. Hopefully, we’ll get lucky enough and the truth will come out even sooner. The sooner, the better. All we have to do is testify more witnesses and survivors… that should take care of everything. There’s gotta be people out there that knows something.

I think it’ll be good for America once the President and Hillary will be exposed for Benghazi. You’ll finally see why a lot of us hated him so much after all these years. Maybe America will finally wake up once it’s proven that Obama was behind it. I mean, I don’t see how it could be that hard to figure out Obama was behind it. While Obama did cover his tracks pretty well except the only stupid mistake he made was flying off to Las Vegas right after the attack was over. If he didn’t want to be blamed for the attack then he shouldn’t have done that.

If Obama didn’t want to be blamed for the attack, he should have stayed low for a while but nope, he didn’t do that. He continued to work as president and continues to live his life like nothing happened.

But come on, guys, get real. Even if you think he wasn’t behind this attack, it was still wrong that he didn’t do anything to stop the attack from happening and that’s another reason he’s getting in trouble for it. He didn’t do anything for military help. It’s sad that NONE of you will even admit to that. That’s pretty much the main reason why so many Americans are upset over Benghazi ’cause the President didn’t do anything to save lives. He should be impeached for that.

I’ve been accused of being “one-sided”, well you need to stop being a hypocrite. Quit being such hypocrites and liars. Stop protecting this evil madman ’cause he is no king or hero. One day you will regret for thinking that he is innocent. 4 Americans died so that involves us in so many ways. We’re not gonna sit back and let this administration get away murder. Sorry but that’s the way it goes.


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