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Is the Ellen show about to go down because of toxic work environment? I’m not surprised her show is toxic, though…

Well this one is interesting…. it is getting out there more and more that the Ellen show, the longtime and iconic daytime talk show that it is a toxic work environment behind the scenes. I’m not surprised to see this seeing that Ellen and most of TV are very leftist people and they are very toxic people.

Now it’s getting out there that Ellen may quit the show and the show may get off the air ’cause of it all.


The Ellen Show has been on the air for like 17 years, I think so that’s a pretty long time and I wouldn’t be surprised that it’ll finally hang it up.

Ya know, on TV Ellen may seem like a real sweetheart of a lady with a bubbly personality and all that… she may seem down to Earth and likeable but behind the scenes, she’s actually very bitchy and very demanding woman it looks like. Reports aren’t clear of why the place is very toxic… they say intimidation and racism. Backstage at her shows, though, I’m sure there are lots of arguments, politics, harassment and verbal abuse by co-workers.

Being out there in the real world working may seem fun and to earn some cash and make a living but at the same time working can be overwhelming ’cause of “toxic” work environment. I’m sure a lot of people out there had jobs where it’s a toxic work environment… I know I’ve experienced jobs like that… where co-workers are nothing but assholes and mean to you and the boss is overly demanding. Yup, I’ve been there too. Admittedly, I’m not ashamed to be “unemployed” still and really quite enjoying it honestly.

The work force can be tough some times. I’m sure the world of TV can be much tougher, though.

I’m glad the show might be gone soon ’cause it was garbage since the beginning. Now if only we get “The View” off the air next. HMMMmmm….


Why is it okay for Michelle to go on TV talk shows to do her stupid dances? It really is inappropriate…

This has been going on ever since Barack got elected in 2008. Michelle appearing on TV talk shows to do her stupid dances. She’s been mostly doing that stuff on Ellen, of course. Sometimes she goes on other talk shows.

I know this is horrible to say and people will be offended but it really is inappropriate for a First Lady to go on TV and fool around.

Imagine if other 1st women of the White House did all that. Go on talk shows to do their dances, show off and try to look cool. Can you imagine 1st Women of the White House such as Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush doing all that? That would have made the White House and the president look really bad. It would put Washington D.C. into an embarrassment.

Sure, I’m pretty sure 1st women of the White House danced with the president during Inaugural Balls but all that is fine and good but a First Lady shouldn’t be fooling around and goofing off while her husband is a sitting president.

It’s just inappropriate and wrong. It’s pretty clear that the Obamas want to be “celebrities” and not “leaders”. Yet, the mainstream media and liberals let ’em get away with it.

When will America wake up and realize that both Barack and Michelle are not good people? Not only that Barack is a piece of shit, Michelle is a piece of shit too.

Yet everyone in America still treats them like if they are King and Queen. Makes me sick. Both Barack and Michelle can do or say anything they please, yet they don’t get any flak for their bullshit. They may get a lot of flak on the “right-wing” side but they get worshiped by the left.

I’m pretty sure that liberals are gonna defend Michelle that there is nothing wrong with dancing and sometimes people need to have fun but when a woman is first lady, she shouldn’t be having fun and she needs to help the president be a leader. A first lady needs to show her patriotism to the country and also focusing on her family while the President is busy serving the country. Not going on talk shows and going on a bunch of vacations.

If the First Lady was white and Republican then liberals would have gotten on her ass about the dancing but you don’t see anybody getting on Michelle about it.