Who celebrated 4th of July better: George W. Bush or Obama????

So who celebrates 4th of July better, George W. or Obama? Obviously George W. Looking at the photos above and their messages. Obama just writes a one short sentence with a quick “Happy Fourth” with him and Michelle watching the fireworks.

George W. posts a pic of himself doing some bicycling with some veterans.

In this photo check it out:

Here’s George W. as president back in 2007 giving a speech with the West Virginia National Guard…

Obama’s way of celebrating 4th of July? He has Bruno Mars play a concert for the troops at the White House and Obama just gives a really short speech sounding like he’s drunk or high on something.

If this isn’t good enough to see that Obama is less appreciative of American than Bush is then I don’t know what to say. Bush likes it patriot style… Obama likes it Hollywood style. Obama has always been lousy at celebrating 4th of July and Michelle’s dress is inappropriate too.

Of course, liberals are never gonna ADMIT that George W. celebrated 4th of July better than Obama.


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