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Report: George W. Bush in a fist fight at a bar? Hmmmm…not really but close…

The “No Country For Old Men” and former “Goonies” star Josh Brolin was busted for getting into a bar room fight along with actor Jeffrey Wright and other film crew members. Brolin, Wright, and other film crew were in town to film the movie “W” a biopic film about our soon to be former president George W. Bush directed by Oliver Stone. The film is currently being shot in Shreveport, Louisianna where they were hanging out at a bar named “The Stray Cat Bar”. The actors and film crew were hanging out late at night after a hard day’s work of filming “W” until things got out of hand and a brawl broke out.

Brolin himself and others were arrested. Brolin was booked into holding cell and immediately posted bond to be released. Brolin is playing George W. Bush in the film “W”.

The Associated Press reports:


Come on Brandon Walsh, leave your tough guy image on the big screen.