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Why it’s wrong to compare Bush to Obama…

When discussing how badly Obama has been treating America, people would bring Bush into things. People will be like, “Bush did this”, “Bush did that”, etc. blah blah blah, you get my point. That’s one of the things I hate about Obama discussion, “It’s all Bush’s fault”. It’s like… people can’t come up with anything different and that’s all they got when it comes to Obama discussion. If that’s all you can come up with is blame Bush to make Obama look good, then you lose… we win.

When discussing things like “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F”…. people can’t think of anything better to say than to bring Bush into things. That’s when 9/11/01 discussions start going again and people will think Bush started “Operation: F&F” when you know for a fact that isn’t true. Bush’s “Operation: Wide Receiver” and Obama’s “Operation: F&F” are two completely different operations. They are totally not related. I made that clear many times on my blog.

People will think the bad economy is all Bush’s fault when this is all Obama’s doing especially Obama’s 7 trillion dollar debt which totally destroyed the economy. Obamacare is destroying the economy as well. How is all of this Bush’s fault? Really be honest now. I bet you can’t come up with anything.

How are things like the NSA, IRS, wiretapping the Associated Press, etc. are all Bush’s fault? Explain that? How is it Bush’s fault that Obama sends guns to Syrian rebels and aiding Egyptian terrorists money? How is it Bush’s fault that Obama drops drones killing many innocent women and children all over the world?

Obama and George W. are not comparable. They are both completely different men. They both have different views in politics. They both had different reasons for doing things. They both had different missions and goals. They both have different personalities and feelings. They’re both completely different people. Bush is Bush. Obama is Obama. Stop comparing them. It’s lame. It’s fucking stupid. You don’t know what you’re talking about most of the time.

Yes, Bush had his share of committing dangerous war crimes and unconstitutional things but at least Bush didn’t assassinate important government officials and at least he didn’t kill any Navy Seals. At least Bush didn’t have any cover ups and lies about any of his stuff. At least Bush doesn’t murder people and try to get away with it.

I always thought Bush was the better president than Obama. Bush wasn’t perfect and wasn’t amazing but he was slightly better than Obama. Bush actually did things for the country while Obama did nothing but destroy our homeland.

I hate when people bring Bush into things. I just laugh at it and ignore it ’cause I’ve heard it so many times.

Everything Obama has done over the years of his presidency was all his doing. None of Obama’s actions has anything to do with Bush. They just bring George W. into things just to make Obama look innocent. I’m not defending Bush, just trying to make a point that you can’t compare these two together. I think liberals bring George W. into things ’cause they’re just jealous that evil Obama has gotten way more attention than Bush these days. Obama just like to blame everything on Bush and his fellow liberals actually believe the stuff Obama says.

While George W. is not innocent just like Obama isn’t at least George W. wasn’t as aggressive as Obama. Obama makes George W. looks harmless. That’s how evil Obama is. Obama is worse than Carter and Nixon.

Liberals are a piece of work, I tell ya. Liberals are never gonna admit that Obama is a murdering piece of garbage. Even if the truth comes out of Benghazi and if it was proven that Obama was responsible, liberals are still gonna defend him. They’ll blame conservatives for throwing him in prison, absolutely, and they’ll play the race card even more. It’s never gonna end with these left-wingers.


Was 9/11/01 perpetrated by our own government??? I wouldn’t be surprised…

So, “#Investigate911” is a trending topic on twitter. Yes, they were referring to the 9/11/01 WTC attacks, of course. I was trying to figure out why this became a trending topic all of a sudden and I think I just figured it out… some guy interrupted a Superbowl press conference and says that, “9/11 should be investigated and was perpetrated by our own government”.

Well, for many years, people have blamed the 9/11/01 attacks on President Bush and our US Government. The US government during the Bush Administration blamed it on Osama Bin Laden but I don’t think Bin Laden was involved. There was no proof that Bin Laden was involved and they didn’t even put him on trial. Ever noticed there was no full on congressional investigation on 9/11/01 just like there was no investigation on the Benghazi attacks 9/11/2012???

The Obama administration claimed they went out and killed Bin Laden with no proof of that either so this gets me thinking that Obama could be helping to protect George W. Bush over 9/11/01 ’cause everybody knows that Obama and Bush have a strong relationship together.

Was 9/11/01 an inside job by our US government?

I agree 9/11/01 should be investigated and the same goes for Benghazi – 9/11/2012. They both need a full scale investigation.

It’s nice to finally see the American people waking up on 9/11/01 that the terrorists attacks wasn’t exactly committed by Bin Laden but it was actually done by George W. Bush himself.


What’s with the George W. Bush flip-flopping all of a sudden?

As far as I can remember, George W. Bush was one of the most-hated presidents during his reign. A lot of people called for impeachment and hoped he wouldn’t win the re-election for his second term as well. Now that George is no longer the president, he is all of a sudden loved by everyone???

Facebook is going off about George W.’s appearance on Jay Leno this week. It’s pretty funny how people say he’s a wonderful and cool guy now.

Don’t you remember that this was the guy who was late on responding to 9/11/01? Lied his head off about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Started the Patriot Act law that no one likes. Got us involved in a long and pointless war in Iraq/Afghanistan. This was the guy who turned our economy into a big mess. He had his share of killing lots of innocent women, children and civilians overseas. The list can go on.

This guy was a tyrannical maniac as well. I know Bush is Conservative/Republican but that doesn’t mean I can respect him. Even though I never liked Bush… I would say that he was a better president than Obama, though. Obama just makes Bush look too good.

Everyone’s going off about George W.’s appearance on Leno saying that he was enjoyable and funny to watch. It doesn’t matter if George has a funny sense of humor or not. Once a bad man, always a bad man. You can’t change that. The man maybe a hardcore Conservative but I never liked him. Still don’t!

I refuse to watch that appearance on Leno ’cause I don’t like Leno either.


I think George W. Bush’s head on a stake in “Game of Thrones” is hilarious, but it should have been Obama instead…

Oh my, how come I didn’t notice that? I’m sure nobody did. I didn’t even listen to the DVD commentary when he said it, and now it makes me want to. HBO, then, admitted they were wrong, and out of line, so they apologized.

See the article, here.

No need to apologize for this. I think it’s pretty funny and everyone else would too! That’s karma for being a bad president!


R.I.H. (Rot In Hell): Osama Bin Laden 1957 – 2011

This is the greatest news ever!!! Bin Laden is dead! Rest in Peace??? NO!!! FUCKING ROT IN HELL, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!

While this is really good news, this still doesn’t mean the end of terrorist attacks and the war in Afghanistan like they said.

The American who killed Bin Laden deserves a huge award for this. I think the American who killed Bin Laden will be honored by the President soon. This is history making.

I wonder what they’re gonna do with Bin Laden’s body now. He shouldn’t have a funeral. He shouldn’t even be buried or cremated.

This is incredible news that came out of no where today. I was watching “Celebrity Apprentice” and this came on. Americans are doing a good job taking down evil. First they get Saddham Hussein, and now Bin Laden! Next they have to take care of the rest of the Al Qeada terrorist group. Then the war will be over after that, I hope?


Cool Video: An Iraqi reporter throws shoes at George W. Bush at final Iraq visit…

George W. Bush got heckled at his final visit in Iraq. An angry Iraqi reporter, threw a couple of shoes at our president but guess what? Dubya ducked both of them!!!

See the video at TMZ here:


This will be all over Saturday Night Live and the late night talk shows, indeed.

The Iraqi shoe thrower should have waited until Dubya wasn’t paying attention, so the shoes can actually hit him and knock him out.


Report: George W. Bush to discuss McCain being the right man for president tonight at RNC…

At the RNC tonight, George W. Bush will be there to explain how John McCain is the right man to be the next president. He will also explain how John McCain learned his lessons through 9-11 that justice still needs to be served against our enemies and McCain will know how to do it. Originally President Bush was scheduled to appear last night but due to the Hurricane Gustav controversy, Bush couldn’t be there so Laura Bush and Cindy McCain took over the RNC to help Hurricane Gustav victims.

I believe the RNC is on tonight at 10:00 p.m. I’ll be tuning in to watch myself.



Cool Video: “W.” teaser leaked to the internets!

Oliver Stone’s film “W.” which is a biopic film on our soon to be former president George W. Bush has been leaked online. The film stars Josh Brolin as George W. and James Cromwell plays George Bush Sr.

My thoughts on the film? I think it actually looks pretty promising. It looks real good and I might actually go see it in theater after all. The video does not allow embedding so I will just post the link.

Enjoy while it’s on before Oliver forces youtube to take it down.



P.S. My mistake, Josh Brolin plays George W. Bush throughout the entire film, they just use makeup effects on Josh when he reaches the middle aged, James Cromwell plays George W’s father who also our President at one time. Edited for corrections.