Maybe Rand Paul isn’t to be trusted after all??? There goes my support for him too…

Welp, look like another Republican to cross off the support list for the upcoming 2016 elections. Sen. Rand Paul is in some controversy over Obamacare. Rand Paul voted against a subpoena over a fraudulent application to the District Columbia of House exchange which means that Sen. Paul just voted in favor for Obamacare which is a shame ’cause David Vitter needed his support to help fight the Obamacare “exemption”.

Other reasons I no longer “Stand With Rand” is ’cause he supports Mitch McConnell who allowed Loretta Lynch to become the new Attorney General.

Look like I’m done supporting Rand Paul, for good this time. So I crossed off Dr. Ben Carson and Rand Paul off the support list.

So who do I want for president now? For now I got my eye on Carly Fiorina.


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