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Final words on the contraception topic and then I’m shutting up about it…

My opinion on this matter still stands. If women are so worried about getting pregnant during sexual intercourse, then they should keep their fucking legs closed. There’s nothing wrong with what I said at all. It’s just the truth and common sense. You guys find it offensive and think it’s degrading? Good.

I was right about my views on contraception all along:

From this link…


Contraception is the use various devices, drugs, agents, sexual practices, or surgical procedures to prevent conception or impregnation (pregnancy). Contraception helps women plan if and when they want to have a baby. The condom is the only current contraception device that helps protect sexual partners from STIs

As you can see, contraception doesn’t go any deeper than sexual intercourse. That’s all contraception is. In my view, it’s just a fear of women getting pregnant.

I was also right on using the word, “contraceptive” as even this article used that word many times which is coming from a medical website.

It is also definitely possible to avoid sex. There is more to life than just sex. I do want to get laid myself, don’t get me wrong but I’m in no hurry for it. There’s no need to rush it. It’s actually good to not have sex. You won’t have to worry about getting women pregnant or getting STD’s.

We also shouldn’t have to get forced to pay for women’s personal problems. If Hobby Lobby agreed to pay for contraception, our tax dollars would be going to that stuff. I have no issues with birth control or contraception but let women handle their own problems by paying for it themselves. We can’t hand them over free contraception and that’s what it’s gonna do. We can’t spoil these women.

I am entitled to my own opinions and beliefs, if you don’t like it or find it offensive, that’s tough shit and that’s your call. I’m willing to tell the truth. I don’t care how many I piss off or offend. That’s what I’m about and that’s what this blog about. So if you come here reading and if you’re complaining, it’s your own fault.

Complain and whine all you want, nothing is stopping me from speaking my mind and telling the truth. I don’t feel guilt or regret of what I said about this at all. I feel pretty damn good about it. You’re welcome.

Keeping the comments closed on this. No need for debating.


Today is not a good day for liberals, congrats Hobby Lobby!!!!

The Supreme Court is on a roll!!!! They don’t bullshit! They take the Constitution very seriously! They don’t care if you’re the president or the king!

Religious freedom wins. I’m not a big fan of religion by any means but I’m all for religious freedom and all that.

Companies shouldn’t have to pay for women’s contraceptives and their birth control problems. It’s not their responsibility and it shouldn’t be. Women want to use contraceptives to prevent them from getting pregnant during sexual intercourse? Then they should stop getting fucked so much. Problem solved!!! They shouldn’t have to take care of their sexual problems.

Barack claims he’s a Christian and this isn’t very Christian of him at all. Christian’s would be all for religious freedom.

On top of that, this whole Obamacare healthcare law needs a full repeal. The whole thing needs to go not just this contraceptive thing.

Liberals aren’t happy, I bet. Especially liberal women. Another big win for conservatives!!!


Thought: Sorry ladies, but Rush Limbaugh actually has a valid point!!!

I may not like the guy that much, but he is actually telling truth this time!!! He wasn’t just calling Sandra a slut. He was actually calling all women a slut if they demanded the government to pay for their contraception. If these women were that desperate to ask the government to pay for contraception, that means they must have sex a lot. Really, think about it.

It does kind of make a lot of sense that if the government agrees to this, they are paying women to have sex, and it makes women a prostitute. His point with him saying, “she should post a sex video online so we all can see”, what he means by that, is that this stuff gets the guys going crazy. It makes the men, think, “Damn, she must be hot”.

If they don’t want to get pregnant having sex, they should keep their legs closed and not have sex at all. Problem solved!

What Limbaugh said may have been harsh, but it was his way of bringing it to people’s attention. Sorry, all, but he’s right on the money. We don’t need the government paying to help women with their problems when it should be their own responsibilities. The government has better things to worry about in this world.