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Today is not a good day for liberals, congrats Hobby Lobby!!!!

The Supreme Court is on a roll!!!! They don’t bullshit! They take the Constitution very seriously! They don’t care if you’re the president or the king!

Religious freedom wins. I’m not a big fan of religion by any means but I’m all for religious freedom and all that.

Companies shouldn’t have to pay for women’s contraceptives and their birth control problems. It’s not their responsibility and it shouldn’t be. Women want to use contraceptives to prevent them from getting pregnant during sexual intercourse? Then they should stop getting fucked so much. Problem solved!!! They shouldn’t have to take care of their sexual problems.

Barack claims he’s a Christian and this isn’t very Christian of him at all. Christian’s would be all for religious freedom.

On top of that, this whole Obamacare healthcare law needs a full repeal. The whole thing needs to go not just this contraceptive thing.

Liberals aren’t happy, I bet. Especially liberal women. Another big win for conservatives!!!