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Report: John Cusack to star in Rush Limbaugh biopic, as the controversial right-wing radio talk show host…

What do you think? Do you think Rush Limbaugh, deserves his own biopic movie? Do you think Rush doesn’t deserve more attention? Honestly, I’m actually intrigued with this one! I’m no Rush Limbaugh fan, I think the guy is an asshole myself, but his story deserves to be told. I’m interested on how John Cusack is planning to tell his story. As you can see, John is dying to get the movie made as he has something up his sleeve with the story. John, is trying to get the movie going himself and he is already set to play, Rush Limbaugh, in the film.

John Cusack, is a talented actor, and I’m sure he can do a Rush Limbaugh impression, very well. Except, that John is going to have to lose some hair and gain some weight to match Rush’s look. John is perfect to play Rush, ’cause they look pretty similar. John looks like a young, Rush Limbaugh. Rush has been pretty controversial over the years and always in the news. He had feuds with other people in the media like Michael J. Fox, Sandra Fluke and others.

Love Rush or hate him, he is an icon in talk radio. I’m sure Rush himself is pretty flattered about this movie, and I’m sure he’s all over it on talk radio right about now. Whether the film makes fun of him or not, I’m sure he’s thrilled about it, anyway.

Read the full story at, The Hollywood Reporter.


Film Review: The Raven


Starring: John Cusack, Alice Eve, Luke Evans
Directed by: James McTeigue

So today, on a cold windy day, I’ve decided to hit the mall to check out, “The Raven”. Being the big Edgar Allan Poe nut, I had to see this film for myself. Here is my review:

The film is set in Baltimore, Maryland, in the 19th century. There is a serial killer on the loose, taking victims and killing them as inspired from, Edgar Allen Poe’s fictional stories. Of course, Edgar, is being framed for these murders, so he tries to hunt down the killer himself, so he can save the love of his life, Emily.

A lot of critics gave this film bad reviews, but did they see the same movie, I did? I thought it was a pretty good one, actually. Not the best movie ever made, but I thought it was entertaining and a good enough homage to, Edgar Allan Poe.

This is NOT a biopic movie. This movie is totally fictional, mostly. The only true part of the film was Edgar’s death at the end of the movie (not a spoiler ’cause everyone knows how Edgar mysteriously died).

I look at this movie, “The Raven”, as a tribute to the late and great writer. That’s all it is. Giving a tribute of his most famous work everything from, “The Pit & the Pendulum”, to “The Tell Tale Heart” to “The Premature Burial”, and of course, throughout the film, there are tons of Edgar Allan Poe references from his poems & stories.

I thought John Cusack, made a pretty good Poe. I was pretty impressed with him. Honestly, I’m not that big of a John Cusack fan either. The only other movie I liked with him in it, was, “Being John Malkovich”. I’m just not a big fan of Cusack, but he made you feel like Poe is still alive.

I was also impressed with the cinematography and the costume design. The film was pretty dark. The film had quite a lot of gore too and actually got kind of creepy at times, too. Throughout the film, they tried to not reveal who the serial killer was, they kept it secret, but it was too predictable on who the serial killer was. I had a pretty good guess since the film first started.

Even if the writing was weak at some parts and the acting wasn’t that great, I thought it was an alright movie. This is one of those movies I will watch only once and never watch it again. I don’t think I’ll be buying it on DVD/Bluray.

Hopefully, when Sly decides to do his version of the Edgar Allan Poe story, he’ll make it a biopic film and tells the story about Edgar’s real life, and not bring any fiction into any of it. I’m sure Sly’s version will be different than this version.

Score for “The Raven” = ** (2 stars as in “okay”)


Thought: Will Sly finally get to work on the Edgar Allan Poe biopic, if “The Raven” is a hit???

So “The Raven” with John Cusack finally hits theaters tomorrow. Yes, I do plan on seeing it.

For years, Sylvester Stallone has been talking about wanting to do his own Edgar Allan Poe, biopic film. There were talks that he had Robert Downey Jr., to star as Poe in Sly’s film. Even though this film has been in the talks for a long while now, it never happened. Sly kept changing his mind about the project. One time, he wants to do it, and the next thing you know, he puts the project on hold. I think he’s got the script written, not sure.

Maybe if “The Raven”, becomes a huge money maker in the box office this weekend, maybe that will make Sly want to start making the movie then. That’s what I’m hoping.

All of Sly’s fans, been wanting him to do that Edgar Allan Poe movie. I want him to do it myself. I’m not sure why, Sly hasn’t started working on the film yet. Maybe he’s worried that it might hurt his action career and might give him another career slump? I don’t know.

I just want him to get that Edgar Allan Poe movie made. Have him do something serious for once, instead of action movies. Sly said he won’t star in the “Poe” biopic, he’s going to just write it and direct it. I just want Sly to do a special project that could possibly land him in the Oscars again.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to, “The Raven”, tomorrow. I’m a pretty big Edgar Allan Poe fan. Loved his short stories and poems.


If you’re wondering, I will not be seeing “2012” in theater…

If you’re wondering if I’m going to see the new “2012” movie that stars John Cusack, in theaters now, NO… I’m not going to see it. Simply because the movie looks lame and stupid. I am also not a fan of John Cusack. Do not care for his acting. “2012” looks like a silly popcorn flick full of CGI, the film will give me a headache.

I do plan to go to the movies again soon but it won’t be “2012”.

I’ll probably go check out, “The Men Who Stare At Goats” ’cause that movie looks funny. I’m also looking forward to seeing, “New Moon” as well.

“2012” and “Paranormal Activity” are two big movies I refuse to see this year.