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Sylvester Stallone shows on Instagram that he’s still working on his Edgar Allan Poe movie… when will we ever see it on the big screen?


In the past, Sylvester Stallone has expressed interest in writing and directing a biopic film about famous writer, Edgar Allan Poe. Sly used to talk about his “Poe” movie through interviews but he hasn’t been talking about it lately. So for those wondering on whether or not he’s still working on it can stop wondering ’cause he’s still working on it even to this day. Sly’s “Poe” script has gotten many re-writes as you can see and he spent many years researching the project.

So yeah, Sly hasn’t bailed on his “Poe”  movie and it’s still gonna happen but when? Hopefully pretty soon ’cause this is a project of Sly’s that I’m most interested in. Will Sly star as Edgar Allan Poe? No, probably not. I remember Sly saying in the past that he won’t play Poe due to his age. I believe a younger actor will probably end up playing Poe. Sly will probably just write and direct the film.

Hopefully the “Poe” movie will soon get the green light so it can start filming either in 2019 this year or next year in 2020. Did Sly post this video ’cause he’s teasing us that this film will finally move forward into production? Hopefully. We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m glad Sly is taking his slow time on the film, though. It’s good to take your time and not rush.


Sylvester Stallone teases that he still wants to make his “Poe” biopic movie…

This was a cool post by Sly on Instagram. Looks like Sly has been wanting to make his “Poe” movie for many years, but he never got it off the ground. Looks like this pic was taken around the 70’s, I believe.

As you can see, Sly still does wants to get this movie made. It looks like he has never gotten around to it ’cause he has been busy with so many other projects. His fans wants him to make this movie too ’cause this is Sly’s most intriguing project for sure.

I’m sure he still has the script, and I’m sure the script is still being re-written. When will Sly finally get this movie greenlighted? I remember Sly said he was gonna act in a few more movies; then retire and focus on directing mostly. Sly said that a long while back, but he hasn’t retired yet obviously. He’s still starring in leading roles of film.

I would like him to make it too… it’ll be something different other than his usual sports films and action films that he’s known for. As you can see in the instagram post above, Sly’s still dying to make it too.


Thought: Will Sly finally get to work on the Edgar Allan Poe biopic, if “The Raven” is a hit???

So “The Raven” with John Cusack finally hits theaters tomorrow. Yes, I do plan on seeing it.

For years, Sylvester Stallone has been talking about wanting to do his own Edgar Allan Poe, biopic film. There were talks that he had Robert Downey Jr., to star as Poe in Sly’s film. Even though this film has been in the talks for a long while now, it never happened. Sly kept changing his mind about the project. One time, he wants to do it, and the next thing you know, he puts the project on hold. I think he’s got the script written, not sure.

Maybe if “The Raven”, becomes a huge money maker in the box office this weekend, maybe that will make Sly want to start making the movie then. That’s what I’m hoping.

All of Sly’s fans, been wanting him to do that Edgar Allan Poe movie. I want him to do it myself. I’m not sure why, Sly hasn’t started working on the film yet. Maybe he’s worried that it might hurt his action career and might give him another career slump? I don’t know.

I just want him to get that Edgar Allan Poe movie made. Have him do something serious for once, instead of action movies. Sly said he won’t star in the “Poe” biopic, he’s going to just write it and direct it. I just want Sly to do a special project that could possibly land him in the Oscars again.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to, “The Raven”, tomorrow. I’m a pretty big Edgar Allan Poe fan. Loved his short stories and poems.


Report: Stallone is thinking about remaking “Death Wish” after “Rambo 5″…

What’s next for Sly Stallone after, “The Expendables” and “Rambo 5”? Sly is thinking about either doing, “Death Wish” remake or the Edgar Allan Poe biopic next after the fifth “Rambo”. It seems he is more excited in remaking “Death Wish”.

Sly plans to star the leading role as Charles Bronson’s character, Paul Kersey, in “Death Wish” but he won’t be starring in the Edgar Allan Poe biopic at all. He needs a younger actor to play Poe.

More on it here:


That’s good news that Sly still wants to do “Death Wish” and “Edgar Allan Poe”. Looking forward to seeing what he’s going to do with them.

As to play a young Edgar Allan Poe, I would choose either Robert Downey Jr, Johnny Depp or Leo Dicaprio.

It really sucks Heath Ledger is gone, ’cause I think Heath would have been perfect for Poe.


Report: Robert Downey Jr. hints that Stallone’s “Poe” maybe next…

For many years now, Sylvester Stallone has been talking about writing/directing an Edgar Allen Poe biopic film simply titled, “Poe”. Stallone is not going to star in it, he’s just writing/directing. Could Stallone’s “Poe” be next after, “The Expendables”? That’s what Robert Downey Jr.’s saying.

Robert doesn’t say whether or not he’s playing Edgar Allen Poe, but all he’s said was he read the script, so sounds like Sly finalized the script for “Poe”.

See the article here:


I hope, “Poe” will be Sly’s next movie after, “The Expendables”. If Sly does “Poe” next, it has potential to be Oscar worthy. I can see Robert playing Edgar Allen Poe and it could be great acting if he’s casted. It be nice to see Sly back in the Oscars, and “Poe” could be a perfect opportunity for an Oscar nod for Best Director/Best Picture if Sly makes the film right which I’m sure he will.