Sylvester Stallone teases that he still wants to make his “Poe” biopic movie…

This was a cool post by Sly on Instagram. Looks like Sly has been wanting to make his “Poe” movie for many years, but he never got it off the ground. Looks like this pic was taken around the 70’s, I believe.

As you can see, Sly still does wants to get this movie made. It looks like he has never gotten around to it ’cause he has been busy with so many other projects. His fans wants him to make this movie too ’cause this is Sly’s most intriguing project for sure.

I’m sure he still has the script, and I’m sure the script is still being re-written. When will Sly finally get this movie greenlighted? I remember Sly said he was gonna act in a few more movies; then retire and focus on directing mostly. Sly said that a long while back, but he hasn’t retired yet obviously. He’s still starring in leading roles of film.

I would like him to make it too… it’ll be something different other than his usual sports films and action films that he’s known for. As you can see in the instagram post above, Sly’s still dying to make it too.


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